January 28, 2012

What's been going on/Austin Eat Tours

I can't tell y'all how much I miss blogging every day! It has been a constant struggle to keep my job lately, so I was pretty forced to put down the bloggin' and strive to at least do the best I can at work. It's been a roller coaster but at the same time very eye-opening as I've grown so much closer to God over this. I eventually at the beginning of January let go, and let God. I couldn't be more stress-relieved then I am now. I am working an average of 15 hours of overtime per week and still not hitting the revenue goals they've set, but that's ok. My car has been out of commission so losing my job would be a real challenge for me, but that's ok. I have my man, I have my cute pup, and I have God. I'm also fortunate enough to have a beautiful home and nice things. There's plenty of opportunity in Austin/Round Rock and so my perspective is that whatever is meant to be will happen. So anyway, enough of my summarized update on life... I have big things coming up in 2012 and I'm excited to share them with y'all!

First of all, my best friend Ashley just had her baby, Annalee last week... look how freaking adorbs she is!

Also, my MOM has chosen her wedding date to be April 21st, so I'll be the MOH along with my little sister and we'll be taking a week full of bachlorette festivities & such... When she married my dad they went to Justice and Peace, so she was never able to fully enjoy being the Bride and having her family around to experience a beautiful ceremony etc. SO with that said, Maddie and I are going to go way above and beyond (thanks to Pinterest & Etsy :)) to make sure she has the wedding of her dreams!!
Scott & I are getting new cars next month! Thank the Lord! I have had a 1800$ car for 2 years now and it's definitely starting to become a money pit. Not to mention the tags have been out forever and I am finally going to be able to drive myself to do things like Small Group and go out of town for trips, etc. I am so into small SUV's right now! Scott wants a mercedes or bmw though, lol, is there a such thing as 1/3 life crisis?

My Small Biz Team went to an offsite yesterday & did an Austin Eats Tour - on South Congress! SO so fun and de-LICIOUS! Check out some of the stops we made...

Snack Bar: Organic Sake Based Lemonade with Vermouth & Fresh squeezed lemon. Sided with Okono-Miyake (In Japanese means: As you wish-Grilled)
It reminded me of an omlet, but included Eggs, Bacon, Hash, Shrimp with wasabe sauce and chili red pepper sauce - incredible.

This little Buffalo Chicken w/ Blue Cheese coleslaw SLIDER was provided by Ms. P's Electric Cock (no joke!) food trailer. THE best slider I've ever had.

Hey, are you gonna eat that or what???
What a funny name for a Business, but this guy was awesome! & Check out this yummy dish:

This is a Shiner Bock Beer Battered Monte Cristo sammy and you dip it in Raspberry preserves.... HOLY YUM I was lovin' this one!

This is what was left of our burger sample at HopDoddy's
with this side of French Fried Goodness!

& That's not where it ends! Topped off with a Salted Caramel Milkshake...

As if we weren't satisfied enough after all of these fun stops, we made our final stop at the best place! South Congress Cafe!
Check out these dangerously amazing dishes...

Bread & Chive Butter

My favorite: Calamari Steaks with Lemon Juice dipped in an Orange Giner Red Chili sauce... MmMmMMM!

These are Crab Cakes dipped in Mango Aoli Sauce

To top this off best, we tried the most refreshing skinny margarita.

It was such a great experience, and I seriously will be going back to use Austin Eats Tour again soon!!

In other news.... Huxley is getting so big and as cute as ever! Check out this video of him and my big brothers new laser pointer...

& some other pics of the little cutie...

Love this little guy!

Last night I went to Sam's Boat and guess what is back in season!?!?!?!?! Only my favorite...

Yes! Crawfish! Love em!

Anyway, that's what I'm up to right now! Give me updates on your lives! I've actually been really good about reading up on your blogs as much as possible & I miss you all! Will be doing some blog design work this weekend and start this baby back up soon! Thank you to all of my followers that have kept hanging on while times have been rough for me! I truly appreciate and love all of you! :) xo