May 15, 2015

Our Engagement Pictures

Happy Friday! It's been a whirlwind of a week getting back from our amazing honeymoon, I cannot wait to recap it all but I wanted to go way back to the beginning since I haven't blogged in a while.

We had scheduled our Engagement pictures for February 25th, and 2015 has been one year for the books in Austin = RAIN all the time. You might as well call us Seattle, Texas because it has been down pouring for so many weeks - and we had to reschedule our engagements 4 times! FOUR! Thankfully our photographer Shalyn kept us positive and was super flexible in continuing to wait for perfect weather. We eventually landed a date in early April that happened to be the most beautiful weather and perfect sun, and I am so pleased with how Shalyn from Love, The Nelsons, captured our fun and intimate relationship during this session. Scott and I both can be our own worst critics and tend to pick ourselves apart so I was really nervous during the engagements, but Shay with her rapping skills and silly dance moves to loosen us up really helped us relax and I think that made all the difference with how the photos came out!! Get ready to swoon you guys... they're amazing and I will cherish these photos forever! Can you believe we dated for almost 8 years with no real professional photos of ourselves?!

Stay tuned for more posts recapping the best day and few weeks of our life!!

Enjoy the weekend!

February 23, 2015

Been a While...

It has been a while since I've posted, things have been so busy! I never thought I'd be so busy yet so calm and stress-free through planning a 6.5 engagement to wedding! So I thought I'd blog a little bit to document what we've been doing and what is coming soon.

We stayed in and cooked steaks for New Years together just the two of us and it was so fun... honestly we kind of accidentally got hammered on champagne and at 12:03 we realized we were watching the wrong channel and missed the ball drop by 3 minutes. Whoops. At least we still toasted and had our new year's kiss! I really enjoy most the low key nights where it is just us two hanging out.

January 10th, we were thrown an engagement party by my bridesmaids and it. was. SO. fun and so well planned and cute! Here are some photos from it. I loved the theme "I DO BBQ" and we even received a few gifts from our close friends and a Jenga game with truth or dares on them. So cute!

one of my girlfriends babies, Landon. I am slight obsessed with him. :) hehe
That Sunday, I signed my MOH Suzy (who is getting married in October!) and I up for the Austin Bridal Extravaganza, and had just enough Park $1 mimosas to make it sooo fun! Loved watching the fashion show and getting lots of coupons for Mens Wearhouse and my bridal shop for booking my bridesmaids appointments, and Suzy got a lot of great ideas on what she wanted to do. I highly recommend doing an Extravaganza event if you are a bride! Lots of fun.

Late January I took my bridesmaids Denise and Brittnie, my only two wedding party people that LIVE in Austin, to get their Bridesmaids dresses at Alfred Angelo. SO FUN! We are doing sage colored dresses, and I let each bridesmaid pick whatever style they wanted as long as it was in the same color and short. I cannot wait to see all 6 of them standing together ALL in different styles, they looked so stunning  and I love that each bridesmaid feels beautiful and comfortable in her own styled dress. I think it will be perfect!

Which brings me into wedding stuff. I am so pumped, you guys. Everything is basically complete. We even finally have found our cake person and we are just waiting for the final quote from them now. We have spent more than we planned (by uhh a lot) but we are so thrilled that it is going to be the event of the decade!! We found out just recently that apparently the biggest boxing match in our decade (was almost century but Muhammad Ali fight was in our century) so decade is going to be happening ON our wedding night. Am I bummed about it? Not really. I don't care for boxing but I know a lot of guys do, so we're planning on having a small room to the side of the dance floor with a projector screen and sound playing the fight for those that want to watch, so no one feels like they have to skip out on our wedding early or anything.

Invitations are coming along awesome, I have noticed these are the most tedious annoying thing of the entire wedding. And really, it's because I ordered a digital file off Etsy with revisions and this Etsy shop closes and opens every other day, it is the most bizarre thing to ever happen - so I might be biased about this being the worst part of planning.

We also only have our Wedding Rings left. I am so excited to go pick them out with Scott soon. We have planned to go to St. Lucia for our Honeymoon and we couldn't be any more excited about it unless someone sent us a check for the whole amount - if you're interested, make it out to "Amanda" please hehe.

Valentines day was very low key (saving $!) so we made each other dinner drank some wine and watched movies. My perfect evening for our first and last Valentines as Fiances!

Last week Maddie (my other MOH and baby sister) sent me freaking flowers to my office as a just because. This girl makes my heart just SMILE so big. She is so thoughtful and didn't have to do this but the fact that she did made my whole month. So so sweet. I miss her!!

I ran my first 5K this past Saturday and as a complete NON-runner, I had SO MUCH FUN. It was the Austin Foam Glow 5K and with all the glow sticks, black lights, foam being shot out of cannons, and glow in the dark slime being shot at everybody, it was literally a running party. We were drenched from head to toe (my feet are so sore now from running wet) and were in complete bliss. I highly recommend doing these FUN 5Ks because I barely even noticed that I ran 3.3 miles. WIN WIN!!!

It has been such a fun couple of months, I am looking forward to all of the festivities to start happening soon!!!!

This Wednesday we have engagements with the absolutely stunning amazing Shalyn with Love, the Nelsons!!

March 7th weekend I will be in Willis, TX taking Engagement photos of my sweet MOH and her fiance Taylor around Conroe and as a complete amateur I'm super excited about it and treating it like a professional session and we're also going to be looking at Wedding dresses. Couldn't be MORE excited and happy for my beautiful friend.

THE NEXT week March 12th I will be in Dallas at the MIRANDA LAMBERT concert with my future SIL Helen and her step daughter Jazmin and I just cannot wait for the road trippin and to wear my boots jammin to Miranda I love her!

Scott and his bachelors are going to Vegas for their bachelor party and I am not even jealous cause my girls are a big party and we are turning up in NOLA the first weekend of April.... any recommendations on what to do or where to go is greatly appreciated but as Louisiana girl my go-tos are going to be Cafe du Monde, and it is the French Quarter Festival so I forsee lots of day drinking and crazy shenanigans happening!!! Can't wait. And alas, in 68 DAYS - SIXTY EIGHT PEOPLE -- I will become Mrs. Owens, married to my favorite person for the last almost 8 years, and will be flying away to a magical island with him to celebrate. I am the happiest luckiest lil lady in the world.