September 30, 2013

Weekend Things

So glad to have had such a relaxing and laid back weekend. Seems like the last several weeks we've either been out of town or had guests stay with us. So this weekend we took advantage and lounged around, did yard work, did house work, cooked amazing meals, and lounged around again. Lots of football included.

Loving the cooler weather and starting to decorate a little for fall :-) Including the yard!!

And some of the cooking we did this weekend... recipes to come later this week!

What did you do this weekend?????

Sami's Shenanigans

September 25, 2013

Suzy's Birthday, Treat Yo-self Weekend

Last weekend, Scott and I took a trip to "Whatchu talkin' bout Willis, TX" to go see my BFF of 12 years, Suzy! Her 25th birthday was Friday and we had a WHOLE weekend full of plans so naturally I was ready to take lots of pics so I could link up with SHAY for Treat Yo-self Day... or in my case Treat yo-self and yo friends weekend.

I prepared all day Friday by going and grabbing a gift basket kit from World Market (hello, $4.99!!) and filled it with all of Suzy's favorite things. Not pictured: Cheese-its, the Cheesy BFF birthday card inside, bottle of Jack Daniels Whiskey (her fave), two toys for Dexter her pup, and two candles. 

I loved making a mix-tape that took me back to 2002-2004 featuring all the songs I can't believe I listened to at 13 years old haha.... like Limp Bizkit's "Eat you Alive", Three Six Mafia's "Dis Bitch Dat Ho" <-- which started my ghetto rap lovin' days... and of course others like Stacy's Mom, Tainted Love by Marilyn Manson, Finger Eleven and Cold, and had to throw in my current favorite hip hop jam, "Wild For the Night" by Rocky feat. Skrillex. It will get you pumped up for just about anything.

I also finally bought Cards Against Humanity which of course was a huge hit all weekend. So hilarious and easy to turn into a very drunktastic drinking game.

When we arrived, we introduced Huxley to his new fur-cousin, Dexter - who Suzy and her bf saved off the streets at only 3 months old... we think he's a lab/pit mix and he is the softest, sweetest, and mis-behaved little rascal but Huxley and him had the best time playing.... We then headed out for the bar to do some birthday shots and went back to the house to play some CAH and Beer Pong. Which the girls dominated, woot woot!

Huxley's deer in headlights face just cracks me up. They were hysterical together.

Saturday we continued our treat yourself weekend by getting massages and pedicures. I was so nervous going in because it was my second massage ever, and my luck the lady didn't speak English so I couldn't tell her that I'm extremely ticklish and squirmy, so it started off super awkward haha... Why am I so weird!? I was so happy to be getting a pedicure after going a year without having one... my poor feet desperately needed it!

What is even better than getting pampered all day? Dressing up and going to the cutest little Italian Cuisine and Wine Lounge on Lake Conroe where you induldge in the best food you've had in a while and some Pomegranate Martinis! Our waiter even had an Italian accent and delivered the best experience for us.... So pleased.

Look how stinkin cute they are!  

Gorgeous sky right?

Love love love this group picture of us.

Quite possibly the best salmon I've ever had. Topped with an Italian Dill Sauce and some sauteed veggies. So so good. 

Scott obviously enjoyed his Lobster Cappellini.

Insanely delicious Cherry and Pistachio Spimone for dessert...

Reunited at last with my other half! I couldn't find it but we have a 9th grade Homecoming pic just like this. 

Finished off the weekend with some more beer pong and watching Whose Line is it Anyway relaxing on the couch. One of the most fun and relaxing weekends we have had in a long time, wish we didn't have to leave!!

Sunday we sadly had to go and drove home in time for football and cleaning/getting ready for the week, and Huxley decided to keep on treatin' himself with lots of lounging, destroyin' his brand new toy, and not getting out of bed in the morning. :-) Ah, to be a dog. 

I can completely agree with Shay that we ALL need Treat Yo Self Days/Weekends once in a while to relax and enjoy life without worrying about the every day things we all get consumed in and stressed about whether its job related, finances, big decisions, stress in relationships, anything. It totally makes all the difference in the world when you give that important and precious time to yourself. I'm so glad I got the chance to spend that quality time with my BFF that I only get to see a few times a year and feel better than ever now! Link up with Shay and treat yourself because YOU DESERVE IT!

September 23, 2013

This ole blog is makin' a comeback!

I am so glad to finally get be able to get back to blogging after a year of taking off. While I finish up making the blog prettier to look at and getting some things back in order (aka learn how to do this ish again ha), enjoy the photos of what's been going on in my life over the past year... 

Went to Louisiana to visit family Nov 2012

Turned 24 and had my annual bash at Sherlocks Dec 2012

Huxley keeps getting cuter

Raelyn (Scott's niece) is getting so big and so precious

Took a family creek trip in Austin Jan 2013

Hosted Cinco de Mayo weekend bash on Lake LBJ

Fun trips with the boo

Beach trip with my family March 2013

Biker Rally 29th Birthday for Scottie 

Learning how to use my Canon T3i I got for Christmas 2012!!

Huxley turned 2 in June!

Got a boiler for Christmas so we boiled Crawfish this year!

Christmas in Louisiana with my gorgeous sister, Maddie

My favorite pic of Maddie & Scottie, even the catfish is smiling!

I went Ombre for the summer!

Dinners with great friends

Blues on the Green in Austin

My BFF Suzy came to Austin to visit me in December

Drunktastic Happy Hours on South Congress

At our Cousin's Graduation in Louisiana May 2013

Huxley keepin it shaded at my office

Took a trip with my little sister to Los Angeles, CA for the first time... met Snoop Dogg FIRST NIGHT! 

We are FINALLY in a house! For right now we are only renting, but I couldn't be happier and we love our home so much!! 

Hope everyone has had an amazing year and I hope we get to reconnect as I start this ole thang back up. 
Happy Monday, y'all!