July 9, 2014

Family Fourth Weekend

After seven years and many trips back home to our separate families, we finally scooped up Scott's fam and took them down to Louisiana where my family lives. We spent the Fourth Weekend enjoying TONS of family, great food, and some fun times. It was almost a surreal experience seeing everyone together, seeing Scott's amazing sister sing to my family with her guitar and meet my grandma, AND you know a vacation is good when the first few days back home you're recovering from all the fun!!

Mom and Al's gorgeous herb garden
Amazing Backyard - They put in the pull and all of the pavement/brick deck/etc. Isn't it awesome?


Sweet baby Olivia - 1.5 yrs old. My Aunt Amy's daughter!
Helen's (Scotts sister) sweet little water bug Rylee! 6 Months Old
Water Bug Raelyn!
My Aunt Amy and her little Olivia - 1 1/2 Year Old
Aunt Amy and her son Daniel - he is a hoot!
Sister Maddie and Niece Rylee - How friggin cute is this!?
My momma and her hubby Al.... #lovebirds
Mom's crazy co-worker Cindy. We loved her!
Rae's favorite face :)
Bonfire just getting started - see the fireworker poppin off in the background?
Lightin Fireworks on the 4th
This little makes my heart smile.

After having a blast at my momma's house Thursday and Friday, we took off to Aunt Amy's parent's River Camphouse on the Amite River in Southeast Louisiana. It. Was. So. Much. FUN! We took two boats down the Amite River, through the Diversion Canal and out to Lake Maurepas (Maur-a-paw) to swim in the big lake. 

Gorgeous Sunset on the Amite River!

On the boat ride back to the camp house after sunset, Raelyn was sleeping in my lap and we were going against the wind so I had my head down and I enjoyed just hugging on that sweet girl. Unfortunately about 20 minutes into that, we hit a nice hard wave going 50mph plus, and since I wasn't watching and I was holding onto babygirl, my bum hit the hard surface on the boat pretty roughly and I landed straight on my tailbone, fracturing it! I didn't sleep that night, and it was pretty miserable and still is pretty funny to be going through right now, but that did not stop me from having a blast! Maddie and I have even made inside joke songs about it. We went back to my mom's Sunday to spend the rest of the night watching movies, swimming relaxing. I also got to visit my brother Jeff and also go see my dad's grave - which got some new pretty flowers for his birthday month!!

We drove back on Monday... It was so nice getting to spend a long long weekend with the people we love the most, all together too for the first time.