December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you through this blog! Hope everyone is spending this Holiday with their loved ones. 

Love, the Maggio/Owens family :-)
Luke 2:11 For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord... Happy Birthday, Jesus!

December 19, 2011

Birthday Month

Hey friends!

Wow!! What an insane month it has been so far! I feel like I honestly would take hours explaining to you why I haven't blogged in about 2+ weeks, so I figured I'd just post lots of pictures so you can see. :) In a nutshell, we've moved, had my birfday (yeahh 23!!)gotten lots of new house stuff, decorated for christmas (cept the tree - STILL!? I know!) family in town, etc etc! Not to mention work has been horrendously busy and stressful - but it is almost Christmas time which means it's slowing down, businesses are taking off work and going to their families for the holidays, and life gets more peaceful for me. :-) Did I mention my sister is in town for a week this week!? Best Christmas present ever! So let me stop blabbering so you can catch up on my life via pictures! Enjoy!

Notice the gorgeous Mrs. Ruthie Hart came to celebrate! We graduated HS together so have many of the same friends! :-)


November 29, 2011

Sales Weekend Damage

I did some good damage to my bank account this weekend with these sales. Work has been nuts as Scott and I both worked two 17 hr shifts on Black Friday AND Cyber Monday - it was pretty crazy trying to GET deals while I'm SELLING deals haha... but with a few monsters, 5hr energy drinks, and lots of junk food given to us free all day by our vendors - we did it! Huxley wasn't a happy camper though... but he liked being the "Man of the House"..

We did let him have free reign of the bathroom since we have a ginormous bathroom. Put everything up on the counters and hung up all the towels.... I can't even take a picture of what the bathroom looked liked when we got home - all I can say is: Huxley has an amazing vertical. JEEZ... haha. I guess being fully house trained is still a work in progress...

I had to work on Saturday for random OT - what businesses work on Saturdays!? I literally took 3 calls in an 8 hour period of working... so what did I do? I went home and brought Huxley up to work with me. There were like 5 people on my entire sales floor working including myself, so it wasn't no big thang. :) He loved it!

So here are some of the goodies I've purchased over the past couple days... I won't be able to post one or two things since they are a surprise for Scottie but I will say I got a KILLER deal at Fry's Electronics on Black Friday and he is gonna be stoked!!

Yep, we bought a 42" LED LG TV from Dell with our employee discount stacked on the Cyber Monday deal.... we already have a 55" in our Living Room.... but we're mounting this one on the wall in the bedroom... Great now I'm never gonna catch some ZzzZzz's! Too many episodes of Law and Order, Friends, Office, Modern family ALL DVR'd on this new baby! You wouldn't believe with our discounts and deals, it was only about $350 bucks!

Scott already knows about this because I had to get his measurements (doh!), but Joseph A. Bank had a sale on their 89$ Executive Dress Shirts and they were only $19 a piece! Hello - I bought 3 super nice shirts, and on one of them - it was only $5 extra dollars to monogram on the cuff (WSO) Love it!

Got myself a cute little wall hanging wine rack...

Now this was just a cute find on ebay of course :)

After everyone always talking about how funny this darn show is, I bought the first season of it on ebay for like $5 bucks! Can't wait to watch it... I was pretty sold when Julie posted this clip on her blog from the show.. I died laughing...

I also bought some stuff from the SAINTS website, a collar for Huxley, a gift for my brother Chris who is a diehard fan, and a tervis tumbler (because those are awesome!)

We also bought two 21.5" Monitors Scott was drooling over with our discount stacked on Cyber Monday specials on for only $200 total! (Normally priced at 229 a piece)
Badass right!? We love dual monitors - so much easier to multitask and these look so nice!

We also got his pops a little Christmas present.. it's still in the works, but he has needed a computer FOR-EVER and we scored this baby for less than $200 bucks... Wasn't from Dell - we are going through a friend of ours who builds them, so it'll be pretty decked out but mainly just needs a webcam, wireless, and about a 15" screen. :) He's going to be so excited!!

Of course for mi madre, I won her that gorgeous Furniture Market table... we went to go check it out the other day and they were not lying when they said it was a $900 table! It's made of Mango wood, and it was SO beautiful in person. Definitely worth the fight for winning! I truly appreciate everyone's help!!

Did anyone else do some shopping?? What did you get!?!?

Sunday was so relaxing we slept in a little after working all weekend and streamed the 1230p service of Gateway church, I cooked up a huge brunch, my older brother had spent the night so it was the three of us, they played some Madden, and I read some more of my book, You Had Me at Woof. <-- Gahh the more I read this book I fall in love! If you have a pet, especially a dog, you gotta read this!

As the week rolls on, we are packing up the house more and more and getting ready for the big move on my birthday weekend! Can't wait for everything to be in place and I can start really decorating it and making it our home! :)

November 26, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving this year was just perfect! As some of you know, besides my older brother Chris who just moved to town, I live about 8 hours from any family. For Scottie, his Dad is the only one that lives within 4 hours. We also have little Huxleyman! So it was a small get together - but I'm pretty sure I cooked for an army. Hey, that's what it's all about, right?! :)

This was my second year making Thanksgiving Dinner - except it was pretty special this time as Scottie got a smoker from my mom's fiance, Al, and decided to smoke the Turkey! Our day was spent cooking, watching football, drinking wine/beer, and sharing with each other what we were most thankful for and reminiscing memories over the years.

Below is a recap in pictures!

Today we're both back up at work for sales. Black Friday was pretty good as I only shop ONLINE - but work was a little slow. Got some pretty great deals on some gifts for Scottie and Huxley though! Will post recipes for the sides/entrees/desserts this week!!

November 24, 2011

What I'm Thankful For

What I'm thankful for this year...

Over four years, we've been through so much - I am so thankful that God brought us together. It melts my heart and makes me feel complete every time I come home to this special guy at night! Thank you Scott, for always being there, and making every day so fun for us. You're always making me laugh and always supporting me through everything I do. I love you!

Since August when we brought you home, you have filled our lives with so much joy and have shown us how much we can love a little chunky mess like you! Huxley Owens is the best pup we could have ever wanted. So well behaved, so funny, fearless, sweet and always wanting to have a snuggle fest with mom and dad! I love you little man. Yes, you can have some Turkey today :)

I'm so grateful to be blessed by having a sister. I grew up all my life with a bunch of BOYS so when I was 10 and my mom told me I was going to have a little sister - I flipped! Maddie brings so much fun into my life and I always bring out my craziest fun side when I'm with her. We can be totally embarrassing, ridiculous, and have a great time taking Red Bull shots and gossiping about the cute boys at her school! Maddie is the light of my life and I wish she lived closer! 

I am so thankful for my four crazy brothers. They are the reason I love sports, fantasy football, mud riding, wrestling, and not being afraid to take chances! I am so blessed to have brothers of all ages! Ranging from 40, to 34, to 19, and to 11 - these boys truly are always there for me and are SO protective of their sisters. I couldn't ask for sweeter guys who love their families. 

Thankful for my wonderful Mom who has raised all these crazy kids and raised them right. I am so proud of her and grateful for how courageous she is and hope I can one day be the kind of mom she is. Always so loving, willing to do anything it takes to make us happy and give us a good life. We've been through divorce, bankruptcy, job loss, moving tons as a family - and with 5 kids it can be really hard. I am thankful to have had a relationship with my mom where we've been best friends through it all. She is everything to me, and I can't thank her enough to helping me shape the woman I am today. 

I am so thankful for my Dad...

As you have read, my daddy passed away October 31st, 2010 after a 6 week long diagnosis of Esophageal Cancer. I am thankful for not being angry. I'm thankful for the love he's giving me all my life to be strong, and I'm thankful he got to be with God and not in any pain anymore. I'm thankful that when he left this world, I was literally holding him. I love you Dad... so grateful for everything you've done for me and our family.

Thankful for all of my girlfriends!

Thankful for spending the most important day of my best friend Ashley's life as her bridesmaid in her wedding this past April.

So thankful for my job and these amazing people I work with! Dell has been so great to me, and I truly enjoy working for this company!

I am also thankful for the opportunity of starting this blog. I am blessed to have gotten to know so many of you and become friends with other bloggers. Also thankful to have met some bloggers! :) Thank you for reading and thanks for being so supportive. Love you all!

Most of all, I'm thankful for God's grace. This year has been huge for me as I've discovered a deeper part of my faith and am continuing to grow and attend church and start groups. I am so excited to see what the future holds. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for today???

November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

Today is the perfect day for a "Give Thanks" roundup of phrases, and also some yummy recipes just in time to make for tomorrow!








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