December 8, 2014

Engagement Party

Last Saturday, the 29th of November, we were thrown a Surprise Engagement Party by my parents and family. We spent Thanksgiving with just our immediate family since everyone was out of town, and with all that was going on, we didn't think twice about anything like this knowing that everyone was busy doing their thing this year... I can't say on the inside I wasn't a little sad thinking I wouldn't get to see my Grandma and show her my beautiful new ring and fiance (well, she's known Scott since the beginning so just the ring haha), but I was so happy to relax at my momma's house and enjoy some quality time with my siblings and cousins.

Since my little brother Nick was finally off work from his madness of Black Friday and Thanksgiving sales at his department store, we wanted to have Sibling Day and go out together and have fun! Nick was dressed up so nicely and took us to a sports bar for some po-boys, draft beer, and football! It was so fun, we had some cousins/nieces tag along as well. Little did I know he was being sneaky keeping us away from my mom's house where they were getting all set up! I had no clue I was enjoying SO MUCH the quality time out and about with my family. We showed back up at the house and there were so many cars, I was completely confused, but when I walked in, I looked around and saw ALL of my family telling me "Are you serious did you really think we wouldn't show up for THIS!?" I was in awe, floored, so grateful and so happy. They ordered our favorite ambrosia cake with strawberries and hung pictures of us on burlap and lace everywhere, it was the sweetest most thoughtful thing. We felt so overwhelmed and loved, such a happy night celebrating with the people that mean the most to us. I love our family. I'll let the pictures do the talking now :-)

My Momma giving us a toast, I love and will cherish this forever.

^^ Not a bad idea! ;-) #mommysfavorite

Maddie's work made us the most delicious Italian Appetizer plate!! Y'all! SO GOOD!

Our Very First Monogrammed Piece... and it begins! :)

How cute is that?

Thank you to everyone who has helped us celebrate and loved on us! We cannot wait to get married!! C'mon May 2015 :-)

ps. thank you for all the birthday wishes, texts, fb posts, snapchats, and tweets! so thankful for all of you xoxo


Sonja said...

So sweet!! and you look gorgeous, girl!

Jess said...

What a great party! It looks like so much fun and I love that they surprised you. Lucky lady!

Anonymous said...

Awww! Looks like a cute and fun party! Congratulations on your engagement and good luck with the wedding plans! :)

Mindyl said...

What a lovely party. I especially love the two cakes.

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

aww how awesome is that? and so sweet. Love that it was a real surprise. Isn't family the best! Happy engagement party!