Who's Who

This page will take you through who is who in my family/close friends and will show you all who mean the most to me!

My Man: This is the good lookin' man you're always seeing me with, Scott Owens. We've been inseparable for 6 years this past June! We met as servers at Dave and Busters, where I trained him (ow ow!), and our friendship quickly escalated into a relationship. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, we've overcome some crazy obstacles in our relationship and in our lives that have brought us so much closer together. Something we both value very highly is communication and always having fun together. Don't take life too seriously! He worked at the same company (though different departments/locations) with my Dad at Sears in Appliances department for a little while, and he and my dad were very close. We worked at Dell together for a few years and now reside in South Austin working for different Software Companies. Scott definitely brings so much joy into my life. He's completely understanding, and you can never be having a bad day around him, and that's one of the many millions of reasons I love him so much!

A + S
Okay, so enough bragging over my boo, let's move on! :-)

The Family
my family is absolutely my life! I have a very big close family that all live in Louisiana, and I reside in Austin, TX.

My beautiful Mom!
My Mom: My mom is my rock. With me growing up and through her rough divorce that lasted several years, we went through a lot but most importantly together. There were really hard times, but she is the most inspiring person I've ever known. She went from housewife to provider in under 6 months! No matter how hard her life has been or the obstacles she has had to overcome, she has done so with such grace and poise, and I only hope that I follow in those same footsteps. Since we were so close through the turmoil and struggle of our separating family, we became very close friends and have always been each others saving grace when we needed a getaway or at least a manicure! I truly cherish our relationship more than anything. After my dad passed away, she has been so great as to come up to Austin as often as possible to have wine nights and keep me company while I live up here on my own. To say she is my greatest friend would be a complete understatement. :) Love you mama!

our typical night!

Who I learned practically Everything from: MY FOUR BROTHERS

Jeff - When I was born, Jeff was so excited to have a little sister! He would put me on the bed in my car-seat and with all his friends we'd jam out to rock n roll all day long! He has always been there for me with the most sincere honest advice and spiritual guidance, and I'm so lucky to have that in a big brother! Some fun memories I have is my very first boyfriend dissing Jeff's car he had at the time, and making me (virgin of course) strawberry daiquiris on football Sundays.

His Birthday Nov 2010
Jeff and Jennifer (SIL)
Jeff is married to such an amazing gal, Jennifer! She is an inspirational author and blogger for the religious help with single parenting and has become such a huge success! To be honest, I admire her for several reasons. There was a point in time when she was homeless, a single teenage parent of two bi-racial children, and has worked her way up to complete success in work, and when marrying my big brother Jeff, they have completely set a true example that you have to go get what you want. If you sit there and dwell on your past and don't go after the future you want, you will never get there. Now her kids go to a great top of the line school and are star athletes and they live a very healthy christian lifestyle. I've always looked up to my older brother and I believe Jennifer is his true soul-mate and I am grateful to have such great role models as my older siblings. You can check out her stuff here!

Chris-  Oh Chris. By far the craziest person you'll ever meet! I've never had a dull moment with Chris. From the time I put Flintstones stamps all over his room, boxers, books for school, and CD covers while he was babysitting me to now the times and talks I'll never forget with him! He and I have always been very close, he's definitely the "big brother" type who wants to fight the boyfriends and play protector, and I love it! My dad always wanted Chris as close to me as possible to keep me safe. He's my best friend, and my only Austinite sibling! It also helps that we share the utmost same taste in music. #WIN 

Nick and Chris (as you can tell from pics, he's the crazy one...duh)
Nick- Ohh Nick. Nicolas! My sweet baby brother! Nick is 22 years old and living in Baton Rouge taking care of my mom and little sister! I'm sure if you ask him, most memories of us as kids I was the big bully sister always coming up with ways to torture him, cause that's what you do right!?! I'm the worst, I know. He is a musician and I've never seen someone believe in their music like Nick believes in his. He's so passionate and very understanding. We've grown very close through my parents divorce and my dad's last few months. In so many ways I look up to him for all that he's been through in his life, and I am so proud of the man he's become. He is a rockstar.

Colin- Colin is 13 years old and pretty sure he is the coolest kid I've ever met.  He is not blood-related. His dad, Roger and my mother dated for several years, and mostly through Colin's younger years - so of course he is and will always be my little brother! I loved to go watch him play hockey, beat him in madden (if he read this he'd totally kill me -- I really wasn't all that great! ;-) ) and just hang out with him! He totally gets told that he looks just like Bieber, and he hates it! I love him soo much and I hope we always remain close! He's going to be a heart-throb in a few years - I already know it!

Isn't he the cutest????

Annnd in addition to all of the boys, I also have a baby sister. Call us the Brady brunch.

Maddie-  I was so so excited to have a little sister! We shared a bedroom growing up and I totally took full advantage to show her all my ways! I am roughly 10 years older than Maddie. I used to sing to her, tell her all my secrets, and make her listen (yes, I locked her in my room lol) to listen to all my favorite songs -- which by the way are now hers!! She now is 15 (ugh can you believe it!?!) and already having boyfriends! It freaks me out, but I'm blessed to be there for her as she experiences her teenage-hood and I love our talks and wish we lived so much closer so we could hang out more! She is definitely spoiled rotten and has a psychotic malti-poo named Peaches. Ha! She is literally my other half and I am SO blessed to have Maddie as my bestest best friend today. We travel together and she spends weeks at a time in Austin whenever she can. Pretty sure I'm winning the #MaddieisgoingtoUTforCollege campaign, too. ;-)


There are few people in this world I feel like I truly just couldn't live without. These girls are my life. Through ups and downs, queso & margaritas, songs from 1999. Made up songs, shadows on the wall. Wine nights. Gosh, these girls make my heart pittah pattah. 

#THROWBACK: Suzy & Me / Soulmates / 9th Grade Car Wash Photo
Jennifer, Me, Denise, Lacy... I just LOVE these girls. 
Suzy. My true other half. Separated at birth. Maid of Honor. Every brunette needs a blonde best friend. My favorite person in the world. I could go on for days. Truly blessed to be a part of this girl's life. Scott has grown a certain jealousy for our love. <3 Love you forever, muffin!
Denise. My D. My little #turntup twin. We are the same person. Words can't describe how much I love my little half mexi to the moon and back. From wine nights to MORE QUESO, I can't live without her. #soblessed
I could not be more blessed with such wonderful people in my life who have shaped me into who I am today.... a complete nut. :)