December 19, 2011

Birthday Month

Hey friends!

Wow!! What an insane month it has been so far! I feel like I honestly would take hours explaining to you why I haven't blogged in about 2+ weeks, so I figured I'd just post lots of pictures so you can see. :) In a nutshell, we've moved, had my birfday (yeahh 23!!)gotten lots of new house stuff, decorated for christmas (cept the tree - STILL!? I know!) family in town, etc etc! Not to mention work has been horrendously busy and stressful - but it is almost Christmas time which means it's slowing down, businesses are taking off work and going to their families for the holidays, and life gets more peaceful for me. :-) Did I mention my sister is in town for a week this week!? Best Christmas present ever! So let me stop blabbering so you can catch up on my life via pictures! Enjoy!

Notice the gorgeous Mrs. Ruthie Hart came to celebrate! We graduated HS together so have many of the same friends! :-)



dina vanessa mercado said...

wow!!! really great pics!!! you must have been really very busy that's why you only posted now.. but its okay coz christmas is fast approaching and am really so excited.. how are you going to spend it? love love love your blog, following you now..

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Ashley @ Luce said...

glad you had an amazing birthday my love!!!! you look beautiful in the pics! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Ruthie Hart said...

welcome back to bloggin girl!! I had a blast at your birthday, seriously it was so much fun!! I am dying over that pic of Huxley in the box!! Cutest thing ever! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Kristin said...

Your birthday looks like it was a lot of fun!!

I just started following your blog and i LOVE it.
Trying to make my dreams come true in 2012.
follow back please?
thank you, much appreciated <3 :)