November 4, 2014

We picked a date!

When Scott and I got engaged, it happened to be a few weeks right after my best friend, so we didn't rush in choosing a date until we knew what her date was going to be. I also wanted to enjoy just being engaged to my best friend after SO many years wishing, waiting, and hoping to someday be his wifey... and this day had finally come!

When I found out that she had picked her date in October which was 1 year from both our engagements, I knew I'd have to choose to have a short engagement, or a long engagement (1.5 year), and that's when the stress started seeping in. At first, we thought March 2016 would be perfect so we could just save all this money and take a long time planning. Well, the planner in me honestly was MORE stressed about that than doing things faster, and so we decided that we'd both rather have a short engagement, set realistic goals, and get to planning! After all, I already had planned my dream wedding in my head for years (okay, since I was like 5), and already knew the gist of what we wanted. PLUS! I have waited this long to marry the man of my dreams, why would I want to wait another 1.5 years to tie that knot!? 

So we set a month. May 2015. We knew this would be a perfect month being 7 months away at the time, and needed to get to Venue Shopping. 

Venue shopping is hard! Some places are financially based on the Food and Beverage to waive your venue fee, or it's Venue fee PLUS Food and Beverage and PLUS all these extras, I had heard of this main venue that 3 of our friends have been married at, and it was really appealing to me being on the lake, with an indoor reception area. But I kept looking around to compare options with many other venues. 

We have been hoping to find a perfect mix of rustic, Texas-y, outdoor/indoor, beautiful venue that has everything we could want. And we finally found that place.

Vintage Villas

We originally planned on having a smaller wedding, but due to some (awesome) circumstances where they needed this date booked for the larger venue as 3 weekends in May were still open, they came down tremendously on the price for what we were getting and after it already being my favorite, I knew this was the one. We toured and saw beautiful Villas with antique furniture placed, balconies that overlooked Lake Travis, and both the Ceremony and Reception area was just breathtaking. We cannot wait to tie the knot on...

May 2, 2015!!!

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Brooke Hamilton said...

My sister in law got married there and she tried to talk us into getting married there... well she tried to talk me into wearing her wedding dress too! Although I didn't know Scott or his sister back when she get married, I did see the pictures of her wedding and Vintage Villas looks really pretty!! Congratsssssss!!!