April 11, 2012

New Yorrrrrrk

As some of you follow me on facebook, I recently went on a trip with my little sister, Maddie (13), and my mom. My sister is in a Drama Club as an extra curricular activity, and so we chaperoned a "Broadway Tour" that lasted 4 days in the BIG APPLE!

I've always wanted to go to New York since I was little, and I have to say a tour is the absolute BEST way to go if you have never been. We had this totally animated die hard yankee fan new yorker as our tour guide named Ted, and he was just hysterical and really made our LONG days of walking and jumping from one experience to the next hourly just SO much fun!

Here are some pictures from my trip! 

Starting with... The 430-630am Plane Rides

Walking between 5th and 7th Ave, Times Square

Going to see The Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island Immigration Museum

The Empire State Building

The Botanical Gardens in Harlem

Central Park

The Apollo Theater

Saint Patrick's Cathedral

The Children's Statue
Represents Good overcoming Evil (that claw is holding the devil's head), only floral in the garden is from the Bible itself .. creepy and beautiful all in the same :) 

Can anyone guess what show made THIS little Restaurant Famous!?! One of my favorites!

Amazing Brisket Sandwich

Baked Treats by Melissa
The best mini $1 muffins I've ever had. We ordered Red Velvet, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter Cup

The Wax Museum
We had decided to shop THEN do the Wax Museum so ran out of time and only got a few pictures

Ground Zero
It was so great getting to experience the 9/11 memorial, we said prayers and the new buildings being built are just beautiful

Little Italy
From the funny Italian chef to the amazing pizza and Italian beer I had, I could seriously live in little Italy and be happy

Wall Street & Other NYC Pics

Sorry for the super long post, tried to pick few out of the 330 pics I took on the trip... Hope you enjoyed and have a happy hump day! Off to work!


Stesha said...

just came across your blog! you are too cute. loving your new york pics, makes me sooo jealous! ah!


Jamie said...

Looks like a great trip!