April 12, 2012

Wedding Music

As my mom is marrying the man of her dreams in 9 short days (eeeeep!), we do have a list of but are running out of ideas on songs to play during the ceremony and reception, so all you married/engaged ladies, here is where I need YOU! :-)

We have a huge stereo set up going on in the backyard where the wedding is going to be. My brother Nick, who is a musician, is going to be playing his own song he's written for the isle-walk for my mom. Can you say tear jerker? I'm going to be a mess!

My sister and I decided it would be so much fun to also have a Kareoke Set-Up to let our drunken family members and of course the kids have a hysterical time singing to the rest of the wedding party!

Maddie has already decided we must embarrass ourselves and sing Nikki Minaj's SuperBass.. and that I have to learn the words the best I can by the big day. Haha, yikes! Hopefully I can also learn to breathe and sing/rap that fast..... Should be interesting! Maybe we'll get it on video for your laughing pleasure..... ;-)

I would love some ideas of some fun songs to either sing, play, dance songs, etc.
What has worked best for your Wedding?


Ruthie Hart said...

I highly suggest a playlist of Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Jack Johnson, etc for the cocktail hour/dinner because it is so light and relaxing! We got so many compliments on our wedding music :-)

Chelsea said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. So cool your mom is getting married soon, I'm sure it will be a really fun day! :)

John Carter said...

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