May 2, 2012

New Job, New Car, Mom's Wedding, & Retreat

Just by reading the title of this, you can already imagine the insanity of the past 2 weeks of my life!

I made a huge choice to put in my two weeks at Dell after so many months of stress, feeling like I wasn't good at what I was doing even though I was one of over 50 people who felt the same way. Everytime I would hear a snide remark or see another day go by that I wasn't hitting my sales quota goals, I'd motivate myself to research for another opportunity. I prayed over and over about the decisions coming up in my life and how I would handle them, what I would do, etc.

Well after going to one and ONLY one interview, it was a done deal. I met with the CEO of my new company for coffee and for what was only going to take a few minutes I thought - lasted two and a half hours! We talked forever! I truly enjoyed hearing about how passionate he was about this company and the success of it. It's a small company under 50 people, and I'll be the only one in my position, so will definitely be making a HUGE difference. No more quotas, no more just being a number. I will be doing Sales and Marketing for a local Medical IT Company in Austin. What's even better?! I work on SoCo! For those that don't know, South Congress is one of the best roads in Austin with the best shops, restaurants, and if you haven't been you are missing out!! My commute isn't all that bad, but when I feel like it is, I can work from home! If you can't tell, I already am in love with my job. No more cubicles, I have a beautiful office with two huge windows that overlook SoCo!

Anyway, I had to share what a blessing this has been to me. I am so looking forward to this new journey and can't wait to see what the future holds! Here are some pictures of my office!

New Jeep on the bottom right? Oh yes, that's me!!

Another blessing is buying a new car...well, JEEP... or SUV? Hehe! I couldn't be more happy with it! I sold my 1998 Mazda Protege and upgraded to a new Jeep Compass!

Also got a new pair of Cowgirl boots.. my very first pair! Scottie is too good to me!

Put on these babies and headed to Dripping Springs for a Nutty Browns Concert to see Brantley Gilbert!

It was so fun until we were leaving and it slipped my mind to take my hand OUT of our friend's truck door before Scott slammed it shut! :( Ouch!

No worries, nothing broken or bleeding, but they did have to CUT OFF my ring! I was really sad because this is my dad's first promise ring he gave to my mom almost 30 years ago and when they divorced he gave it to me... I am already having it repaired...

I had to wear a splint at the wedding! I was devestated, but with running around on my mom's wedding day I knew the moment I'd take it off feeling rebellious I'd really smash it doing something not even thinking about it! Haha

Anyway, her wedding was beautiful! I will have a whole post dedicated to her wedding, but unfortuantely I didn't catch all of the pictures that I had wanted to since I was IN the wedding. The photographer did though, so stay tuned :-)

Isn't she stunning!? She is so happy :-)

Myself, best friend Suzy, & Maddie (my mini me!)

Three days after we got back to Austin from the wedding, we took another 4 hour drive right northeast of Conroe, TX to the Retreat at Artesian Lakes for a relaxing weekend with Scott's sister and her hubby. Unfortunately I forgot to do a group photo and they never took pictures, so I only caught a few and here they are!

It was beauiful, relaxing, we went fishing several times, drank by the fire, swam in the lake, fed Mr. Edwin the Elgin Sausage eating Alligator, and Scott took me canoeing for hours just exploring the lakes... pretty cool each dead end to a part of these lakes always had a hidden tunnel you could take where it opened up on the other side!! I wanna go back... like now :)

Hope you enjoyed my picture-FULL post & new changes! More in detail post to come!
PS - This new job also allows me to blog again - wahoo!! My recipes will be back and deeeericious!




Leah {Sweet and Sour Showers} said...

Congrats on the new job and all your big changes!

Mallorie Owens said...

Your new job sounds wonderful, I'm so happy for you! And gotta love Jeeps, I miss mine all the time! You looked gorgeous at your Mom's wedding :)

Ashley said...

You have been busy and with such wonderful things! Congrats on your new job and car!

Ruthie Hart said...

congratulations on all that is going on lady! How is the job? So fun?! I texted you Monday and Tuesday to wish you luck:-) can't wait to see more pics of your mama's wedding!

Vintage By Lori said...

Love your blog... I was looking for fellow Austin bloggers and came across your page, so cute! So happy to see life is going great for you! Looking forward to reading more, you definitely got a new follower.

XO Lori