October 3, 2013

Home Tour + Projects

For 4 out of the 6 years of Scott's and my relationship, we have lived from one apartment to another apartment to another apartment, all of 800sq feet usually, and one bedroom. Despite close friends and sometimes family coming to stay, we never really had any get togethers because it was SO small! Both of our parents live over 200 miles away (mine 500 miles away), and we have been sick of not having the extra bedroom for them to come more often or not having a backyard for Huxley to play in. Well, I had been just searching and searching in the Austin area for a possible home to rent and in early June, we found one!

Located at the tip of South Austin, this beautiful home became available and we jumped on it as soon as we could. It may look ginormous for just us two, but it is about 1800sq ft and had the perfect sized little backyard for Huxley. The community is all young adults and it was located less than .5 mi from the nearest shopping outlet (dangerous!), grocery, gas station, hole in the wall bars, we loved it.

We moved in July and since then have had guests almost every weekend which I love! I couldn't be more blessed and happy that we were able to take the plunge, and it has encouraged me to do DIY Projects and start making this house our very own first little home.

I spy a peepin' Huxley in the above picture...

I love our living room and how open this layout is. A lot of my decor is from previous apartments I've lived in, so I tried to incoporate more navy into the picture. Found these beautiful curtains with the perfect amount of sheer from Target! Still looking for a rug to tie everything in together. 

We have 3 bedrooms... So far the only bedroom I've really worked on is the Guest Room since we are always having someone stay with us. I re-did one of Scott's old dressers from HS in a coral color (Flamingo Lily) and am currently working on getting some more yellow accents to go with what is already a Coral/Aqua room. 

I have a queen bed in there with a geometric quilt in aqua and white, but have not found shams and decor pillows to go on it or a headboard just yet - another project I can do.

Our room seems so white and all the decor I have right now is brownish stuff so any advice helps!! We've decided not to paint this home since we're only renting and would need to paint it back, but when we buy a home I am dying to throw some colors on the walls!!

Some other features of the home:

1. Up the staircase we have a little nook there with two windows and hanging lights. Love love loved this feature!
2. Our 3rd bedroom which is currently becoming an office right now. We plan to put a desk, bookcase, and futon or daybed in there but am still looking for the right furniture (and a good deal!).
3. Upstairs is our game room. There isn't any wiring for cable or internet which stinks but Scott has turned it into his music room. He has his guitar, an amp, and I'm letting him do the decorating. We plan to put a loveseat or couch against the wall for seating since we have pretty much nothing in there.
4. A CUTE CUTE find at Garden Ridge. Looks just like Huxley huh? 

Here is our backyard: 

The only downside (and it isn't even a downside really unless its super hot) is having no covered portion of the patio. We saw a canopy umbrella at Garden Ridge for $80 that we may end up getting just for some shade, but as you can see below Huxley is just LOVING it, and it makes me so happy that he can run around and play instead of being cooped up in a tiny apartment. We don't plan on landscaping back here since it is a rental, but we have added a little baby pool for Huxley and a Corn Hole game set for us for parties. And a grill! :-) 

The only picture I'm missing is the one of Scott and me in front of the house. Let me just tell you I am still working on learning my camera and the self timer, so those pictures came out hilarious. LOL I might post them one day once I at least have one decent one to finish it off. :-) 

We couldn't be more happy in this home and the neighbors, landlords, dog neighbors, everyone is so so nice and the area is wonderful. We only plan on living here a year for right now while we search for a home to purchase, but for now - it is the best and I will be updating the blog with my DIY projects as I complete them.

Have a great Thursday!

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