October 21, 2013

Life Lately

Life has been quite the whirlwind, lately... but so fun and such a blessing. This will be week 2 that ,my best friend/sister Suzy is living with us, while searching for a job/place. It's still kind of surreal that she is finally in Austin for good! We spent this weekend packing up the rest of her things in Conroe, and also visiting Scott's family in Colmesneil, TX and enjoying the cooler and beautiful weather.

It has also encouraged me to keep things a little nicer at home aka clean more hah, and making tons of new recipes that I can blog about! Seeing my little niece Raelyn was one of the major highlights this weekend. She is now talking SO much and I am now "Aunt Minnie" since she can't say Amanda just yet. I like Minnie and I think it's here to stay :-). Also another highlight - Target has Boston Terrier Onesies!!! WHAT!? For this obsessed furmom, it was only right that I buy it........right?

one | The Shine Project Threads Shop sent me this cute little fall inspired bracelet with a gold leaf on it. I am in love and have been able to wear it with several outfits. 
two | We usually leave Huxley outside to do his business and I'll always look out the window at him to see if he's standing at the door or what. Now that it has been cool outside, I've been finding him sitting like this in the chair at our patio table. Hilarious! He is so cute.
three | Scott got a surprise bonus gift card at work and while he did go get himself a new Polo Shirt or two, he also brought him this little gem. I barely wear perfume but OMG Chanel Chance is the best I've ever smelled. And I used to be pretty obsessed with Michael Kors. It was so sweet of him. :-)
four | Road trippin' it ALL weekend. Friday night = 4.5 hour drive to Colmesneil. Saturday = 2 hour drive to Conroe. Sunday = 3 hour drive home. PHEW! It was so worth it though. Loved seeing Scott's family and being able to have some girl time with Suzy in Conroe. 
five | Seeing Scott "Bubba" with his niece, Raelyn, is one of the sweetest things. He is her favorite and just lights up with joy when he is around. They played on that swing all weekend. I also love that we are "Minnie and Bubba" now.. haha feels so country. 
six | Just as I was about to buy this adorable penguin blue onesie at Target, I browsed just a few more colors and BAM! There was a Boston Terrier onesie right in front of my eyes. I just about went nuts. Needless to say, I've already worn it three times and it is SO cozy. Don't judge.... I know that I'm the obsessed fur mom already haha. 
seven | Upon Suzy's arrival last week, I not only put up all my fall decor, lit all my mulled cider candles, but I also made a new recipe - Cream Cheese Stuffed Pumpkin bread. Recipe to come this week! It was insanely delicious.
eight | Cuddles with my sweet Huxley. He is never really around kids but I was just in awe how he played with Raelyn this weekend. She adores him and would pretty much dive into him on the couch for hugs and kisses and he just licked her and loved all the attention but never was too rough. So proud!
nine | Last night I was wanting to use up some green bell peppers before they started to go bad since we were out of town all weekend and hadn't used them, so I whipped up a random recipe and have decided to call it my "Green Chicken Chile Casserole" and cannot wait to post the recipe! This meal was incredible and so many servings! We have half the casserole left and already fed 3 people (with some second helpings!). 

How was your weekend?
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