October 7, 2013

The Last Weekend

This weekend was officially the last weekend for the next few weeks that we have the place to ourselves.... and I am so excited to announce that after 10 years of living apart with my best friend of 12 years, she is taking the plunge and {finally} moving here to Austin!! My heart was overjoyed to hear this news and Suzy will be staying with us while she gets a job and apartment. I couldn't be more excited!

So we took advantage of having the house to ourselves this weekend and did some great cooking, some fall decorating, moving things around, and some outdoor fun since the weather was SO beautiful!!

one| friday was super rough and the bf treated me to a delicious rooftop steak dinner at Bob's in downtown Austin.. have I mentioned how much I love this man? so sweet.
two| after dinner we went back south in search of some good live music near the casa
three| feeling pretty toasty after some drinks and music so we decided to go get some redboxes and popcorn
four| movie date night!! redemption SUCKS. World War Z, SO so good.
five| Saturday. lots of driving, errands, moving, Huxley tagged along for some good breezy weather 
six| worked on the guest room some more, love the color scheme and how its coming together for Suzy
seven| fall decorating and picture printing, making the house look so much more homey! currently working on doing a frame wall going up the stairs.
eight| Sunday had a craving for *almost* burnt hot dogs on the grill. SO GOOD! & I spot a creeper
nine| lots and lots of playtime for little man. open windows and doors. he just ran inside and out all weekend

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Vintage By Lori said...

how fun! having a BFF in town is the absolute best! mine unfortunately lives in Dallas, i've been trying to convince her to move to Austin but no luck :/ lol!


xo lori