November 22, 2011

Some Tuesday Tidbits

Hey y'all! Sorry that it's been a little choppy with blogging lately. We have been in the process of boxing up our home as we are moving in two weeks to another apartment! I'm so excited about this new apartment as it's in the sister properties of the apartments my Dad used to live in - and I scored a layout extremely similar to his - I already know it's going to feel so homey and perfect.

Anyway, here are some highlights of my week:
  • Finally got to meet up with Mrs. Ruthie Hart and Mallorie Owens on Friday night - we had so much fun! It was us girls and our boys, and we met up at Ruthie's gorgeous home and then went and ate dinner at Trudy's, and then hit up Dirty 6th for a little bit to hear some live music and get our drink on! I was sad to leave, but I swear these two girls are the sweetest and most fun chicas and can't WAIT til Mallorie moves to Austin so we can make this a regular thing! :)

It must be a GREAT night since all three of us bloggers didn't take but ONE picture...... bleh!!

Not to mention Ernie grew out of some clothing... his cousin Huxley didn't mind though :) These jammies are so cute but a litttttttle big in the neck! hehe (Can't WAIT for them to get together soooon!)
First blog date, next: Puppy date!
  • Except for Friday, I worked out every day for about an hour and a half at my gym, doing cardio every day (even though I think I rolled my ankle last Monday - it still hurts! Is that weird or what?) I've been using the elliptical since then to keep my ankle in one spot. Not going to keep me from reaching my goal!
  • We WON that Dining Room table from Furniture Market!! Not only was that great news - but my mom has to come pick it up - so we decided next weekend she's going to drive halfway and we're going to have a wacky little early Christmas weekend in Winnie, TX. That'll be so fun!! :) I love my family.
  • I decided I want my blog to look a little more simple/professional but also FUN!? Gosh - I am so indecisive... so I'm going to hire someone or possibly have my best friend who is a graphic designer to make me a nicer blog - thinking about buying a domain name too to make it official. :) Blogging has done so much for me and it really is a huge creative outlet to not only share some yummy budget friendly recipes, but to get to know so many people on a deeper level than some of my own good friends! It's brought me so much joy and has helped me develop my faith a little bit as well through so many encouraging posts I read from my closest blog friends.
  • I attended church for the first time in a long time this past Sunday at Gateway Church in North Austin. I can't even start to tell you how fulfilling and amazing it was! My big brother went with me, and we ran into Ruthie again! :) He wants to visit some other Church communities over the next few Sundays - but I am so glad I physically went to Church. So much better than streaming online to get the real deal. Already talking about going to small groups in the near future!
  • So moving has been driving me nuts becaue I can't decorate til we're in the new place = December 9th!! Gahhhhhhh I've had to stay off Pinterest cause of too many cute ideas I want to go buy/get right now!! Patience isn't one of my best traits... hehe!

Anyway, for now that is about it of what is going on in my life. If you have any ideas on blog designers you went through and loved let me know!
Once I get the new blog design up and running and get some more recipes on board, I think I will be doing a really fun giveaway I've had in mind for months! :) I think y'all will like that!


Ruthie Hart said...

I loved seeing you TWICE in one weekend!!!!! And Hux looks like a doll in his new jammies. I am SO happy your mom won the table! What an amazing Christmas present for her! You guys should try out Austin is also an awesome church!! Or Austin Christian Fellowship :-) xox love ya girl! and ps awesome job workin out woot woot

Ashley said...

I am so happy that you guys won the dining room set! Yeah!!

siddathornton said...

there's so much happiness in this post :) yay!

Leah from Sweet and Sour Showers said...

Congrats on winning the table, how exciting! I noticed you were playing around with your blog layout. We used Danielle and she was really quick and reasonable: If you contact her, let her know we referred you!

Erin said...

Glad you had a wonderful time this weekend! :) Hux is so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

We've been so busy lately, I've been reading your blogs to keep up with you... :( I need some Ashley and Amanda time!! :)

Brittany said...

yay! I want in on the next girls night :)