August 29, 2011... Scottie and I added a new addition to our little family. 


When we went to go pick Huxley up on our way home from out of town, he was the only one out of the litter being hysterical and running around the place playing with toys and he introduced himself to Scott by nippin' his toe! It was too funny, and we were convinced he was the perfect match for us.

Huxley is about 10 weeks old, and as you can tell a Boston Terrier. We had done so much research, and after deciding between a Frenchie and a Boston, I just couldn't resist this face....

There is just so many things about having a little puppy/dog to look after that just calms you and makes you smile... We are so blessed and happy to have such a cool, funny, and well mannered (FOR NOW LOL) puppy, and can't wait for him to grow up with us! 

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