November 17, 2011

Huxley Loves Clothes

Yesterday I worked from home and laid around in my PJ's most of the day. I did take a few minutes for lunch and headed over to ROSS which is about 2 minutes away from my house. I initially went to shop around for some dresses to wear over leggings with my boots... and did find 3 cute outfits. Right next to the fitting room though, is the puppy section. Racks and racks of dangerously CUTE clothes! I am such a dorky dog mom. Huxley is like my child... and I'm pretty sure he's spoiled rotten.

Needless to say, I bought him about 5 outfits including a coat, a fleece, and a few tshirts. Lol he LOVES clothes though! He has a very thin coat so when it's cold he hates going outside! Last freezing day, I took him out and he darted for the yard, did his business within a good 30 seconds, and raced back to the front door. Plus these little outfits are just too adorbs on him!

He is the cutest model! He loves stealing the camera away... just look at our most recent family photo....

Hux is just under 5 months old and so full of love, energy, and stinky gas. Yes, I said it. We couldn't be in more love with him he brings so much joy and fun to our lives. Between Sunday and Wednesday, Huxley and I slept on the couch at night cause Daddy had the flu... and when Scott was feeling better Wednesday morning he came to give me a kiss goodmorning before he left for work, and Huxley (half awake) growled at him! It was hilarious. He's very protective of mommy.

I also got this book in the mail yesterday and cannot wait to read it!!

You Had Me At Woof

Ruthie from The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart did a review on this book - and having a Boston myself - I had to grab it as soon as I read this review. You can find that [here].

There is nothing I wouldn't do for my baby Hux. It always makes me so sad to leave him in the morning when I'm off to work that I come home every lunch during the day to play with him for an hour.

Do you have a pet that you are crazy about?
Are you a dorky pup mom like me who likes to dress them up in the craziest outfits?? :) I'd love to know!!


Ruthie Hart said...

OMG that red plaid coat. I want it ASAP!! So how big is Hux?? Ernie is full grown but I swear no clothes fit him because his neck is so darn thick!! The only thing that fits him is a size LARGE tshirt from petsmart (and there clothes are so expensive!). Ernie's neck wont fit into the Christmas pjs I bought him so I am going to give them to you for Hux!!!! I am jealous Hux likes clothes too...Ernie is so stiff in clothes, like he is embarrassed haha. And you and I are one in the same with our baby boys!

Mrs. T said...

Oh man, he is SOOO cute!!! I want a puppy!!