August 30, 2011

Our Amazing Weekend Getaway - Introducing Huxley!

I've been away this past weekend finally spending some QT with my Scottie. We went down to Colmesneil, TX which is around the Lufkin, Beaumont area. Originally he was going to go for a fantasy football draft with some old buddies, but we took this as our little vacation before we start working a bunch for the holidays. We also went to see his sister Helen who lives there with her husband and their expecting a baby girl, Raelyn, in 4 short months! We had a blast, I was out of signal most of the time so I wasn't able to do any posts or updates. Here are some of the pictures (it was ridiculously hot and with no a/c we decided to hold off on pics of ourselves, your welcome lol)

The whole drive was beautiful, we passed by many lakes and rivers, this one was Lake Livingston, which was beautiful! Not to mention I was dying for some water!

On the road to Hwy 69, where Scott lived throughout the last two years of high school, and where his sister has a house now.

When we got in town we mostly just spent time with Helen and Jonas, her husband (who made us all steaks and twice baked potatos! He is an uh-maaazing cook!)

The next day we attended Scott's fantasy football draft which was so much fun! One of Scott's best friends came in town and they got to hang out, and I met a lot of people he grew up with. It was fun being the new girl in town :)

This is pretty dark, but we went night fishing on Lake Tejas in Colmesneil later that evening... well I'll admit, we brought all our fishing gear - but you could not see ANYTHING! Annnnnd we may have forgot our flashlights... :( 

What we DID do was lay on this big pier that stretched into the middle of the lake (it wasn't that big) and we looked at the stars... cheesy, I know - but in Austin you can't get a sky like we saw. It was so crazy and big and you could see every star in the sky. It was a perfect night... I had so much fun with my man and we realized we definitely have to go on little getaways much more often!

We left the next day and headed home, and made great timing even with this crazy little pitstop we went to... 

The food was so good!

The atmosphere...

A little... too much??? Lol

Anywho, we made a pitstop a little south of Bastrop, TX to meet this little cutie...

This is Huxley
A little 10 week old Boston. We had seen him in the pictures the lady sent but when we went, it was a done deal. He was the most independent playful pup outta the bunch, and introduced himself to Scottie by nippin' his toe. It was love at first sight :) He's the funniest thing, and can't wait to start postin' pictures and videos left and right! 

It was the most amazing little getaway weekend and we're so excited about this new addition to our little family. I know I promised that stuffed Chicken recipe to you Mrs. Ruthie, it's coming love!

Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

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Ruthie Hart said...

he is soooo cute!! Once he is older, we need to get the fur babes together! I love his ears. He is so curious (and that never changes!)