October 3, 2011

New Camera/Huxley Pics

After three weeks of waiting for a camera I ordered on EBay, and using Pinterest pictures to save my blog's life lol, I finally cancelled the order and went out to Best Buy and got me a camera. It was $50 more, but I would have GLADLY spent the $50 more 3 weeks ago if I knew I'd be cameraless for so long. It was a terrible experience. I think that guy was trying to scam people! He begged that I didn't leave a negative review... should I anyway!???

I got a Sony Cybershot DSC-W570. It's a super lightweight and is a 16.1MP with a 5x Zoom. I'm very pleased with it so far!

 After having a 4yr old Blackberry Curve take pictures for 3 weeks, you bet I went picture-crazy as soon as I got my new cam!

Huxley was more than happy to be my model...

This weekend we stayed with our good friends Roger and his son (I call him my little brother :-)) named Colin. So far every weekend we've made it over here to Leander to enjoy Football, Bbq, and good times.

Huxley loved having a big backyard to play in and Roger has two dogs, a Border Collie named Chance and a little old fat Daschund or Weiner dog (probly a mix) named Piper hehe. Huxley gets a kick out of Piper, as she doesn't play... he thinks it's funny when she growls at him and has been snapped at once or twice... silly boy...

Hux had so much fun!! He is a huge fan of football... That - or he is afraid of the size of this mysterious football..... it's in the eyes....

We woke up Sunday morning and enjoyed breakfast from Rosas, which is a Tortilla Factory originated in Lubbock, TX and is famous for delicious homemade tortillas and yummy queso. But seriously, we got Tamales, Fajita Beef and Cheese tacos, and a giant queso with a dozen tortillas... It was TDF! If you're ever in the Cedar Park area in Austin, do it!!

The rest of the day was spent in total relaxation, watching football, playing football outside, wrestling, playing Madden NFL 12, and some took little afternoon naps. In no particular order... :-)

Sorry for so many pictures, but Hux is too cute I couldn't resist catching every moment with the new camera!

How funny is this below video of Hux and the empty Tylenol bottle!?

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I'm off to get back to work and enter the crazy amount of giveaways going on right now!

*Note: I am also getting back to posting new recipes, but of course Murphy's Law -- I got my camera, and as I get home excited I found out that my oven/stove is broken. lol. Soon my life should be back together!

XOXO ~ Amanda

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