September 4, 2011

Huxley at the Office

Yesterday was a busy day for little Hux. We have a two year health guarantee for him as long as we attend the vet within 7 days (which we would do anyway) and we went to Round Rock Animal Clinic. Huxley is a ladies man! I was anxious to see how he acted around a lot of strange people hovering over him, and was pleased to see he is ALL OVER IT. So cute! Wish I had gotten a pic of him at the vet but I forgot! I'm so bad at that! :/ Oh wells....

After the check up, which by the way he is healthy as can be and only 4 sweet, we headed over to my old building I used to work in at Dell to visit my old sales team cause they all wanted to meet the little chunk of cuteness, I DID snap a shot of Huxley workin' hard!

Or hardly working.... hehe

He is doing crazy well at house training... with a few accidents here and there he loves going outside instead! I was nervous about staying up all night every night when I'm starting a new position and having to have good rest - but this little guy sleeps all night! The earliest I've woken up is about 5:15 when my alarm was supposed to go off at 6am. He usually wakes me up with cute little whines. 

He is just the light of our lives and we're so blessed he's so healthy, outgoing, and fun and loves to play and meet people! Can't wait til he's big enough for play dates! :) Tomorrow we'll be going to Petsmart where he can play and get some new toys and outfits for mommy to embarrass him in! I will remember to take more pictures this time!

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe labor day weekend!


Ruthie Hart said...

4 lbs!!!! I am dying!

Mrs. T said...

Awww!!! He is sooo precious!!