August 2, 2011

Big Daddy's Burgers

Sunday was my boyfriend's dad, Steve's birthday! The big 6-0! We decided to take him to this new restaurant that just opened up called "Big Daddy's Burgers" off 183 and Burnet in Austin (The old Bagpipes). 

Scott's dad is probably the most caring, gentle, sweet person I've ever met! He gives the best hugs, advice, and he has so much faith - there's no way you aren't full of happiness and joy when you're around him. Just had to say that - totally embracing the fact that he is like a third dad to me, knowing him for 4 years now... My dad of course being first, and my step-dad Roger being the second. lol! But, back to his birthday and their mouth-watering burgers!

While we waited for Scott's dad to arrive, we sat down and started looking at the menu. 

scott hates taking pictures lol

You might have to click on the picture to see up close, but wowzers this menu was nuts!! Here is the website for the burger side of the menu: clickme.

The back of the menu had a list of all the insane burgers they offered. My favorite one I read was the Hangover burger, which was a burger with a fried egg, bacon, a krispy kreme DONUT (wth lol) and cheese and ketchup loaded on a brioche bun.  Craaazy!

Scott's dad ended up choosing the Basil's Chili Burger, which was loaded with tons of chili, queso, and I'm pretty sure he added the guacamole and salsa we had from our appetizer lol. I didn't get a picture of that one, but you can imagine how yummy it looked.

Scott ordered the Mac n Cheese burger. With Chili. This thing looked like hamburger helper on a bun but tasted 469038460x better. Look at this thing!

look at those massive, perfectly seasoned fries!
I ordered the Gyro-Burger. A burger with lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers wrapped in pita bread, and came with a side of this Tzatziki sauce - which is a greek yogurt based sauce with lemon, herb, and garlic mixed in. It was insanely delicious! I wanted to finish mine so bad, but I just couldn't. lol

I'll just say actually none of us came close to finishing our burgers. It was a seriously great price for so much food, and we had so much fun stuffing our faces with crazy burgers! Most importantly, Scott's dad had a great time. We got some souvenir cups and possibly a bottle of ketchup cause we were out. Hehe. Did I also mention they have massive TVs everywhere? We sat in a room with a projector so guess where we will be throughout football season?!

thanks wind. lol.
Scott and his Pops :)
This place is definitely a must-eat-at place! He had a wonderful birthday and we had so much fun catching up and grubbin' on some serious burgers. If you live in Austin, plan your next fun date here! I'd say lunch over dinner since you'll need the rest of the day to recover from it! Hah. Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone's having a great day!


Ruthie Hart said...

omg thank you for posting this!! my mouth is watering and I will be going there soon! That mac n cheese burger looks insanely delicious and I am such a big fan of gyros! we live relatively close so we will hit it up! have you ever been to Phils Icehouse? Amazing burgers (not as crazy!) oh and ps fried eggs on burgers are amazing!

Liz Taylor Training said...

We have a Big Daddy's Burger Bar here in Charlotte, NC (Ballantyne), too! I love it. The burgers are amaazing!

Amanda @ Maggiano Takes Austin said...

haha YES phil's icehouse is also in-freaking-credible! i was so stunned when I came here because every burger had either grilled cheeses as buns, a chicken sandwich inside or a donut in the middle! haha and ruthie YES fried eggs on burgers are the best! :)

Earl-Leigh said...

I love Krisy Kreme burgers! Adding an egg seems like a genius idea. ^o^

Amanda @ Maggiano Takes Austin said...

@Earl-Leigh : YUM!!!!