August 17, 2011

Oreo Balls

I am so sorry I've been away a few days, but I'd be more than happy to explain why! lol Monday I was just chit-chattin' with my manager and also friend, Katrina, about my career path and what I'd like to do... (for those that don't know I work at Dell in Consumer Sales) And we were talking about business and making the next move. I had attempted to move into a more social media role, and when I didn't get it due to a technicality, my mom (gotta love moms!) kept saying, "Everything happens for a reason"... maybe God has something better lined up for you. 

So I was bummed but I moved on and have been doing extremely well in what my tasks are, and I came back from lunch Monday and she had already set up a one on one in a department called Small Business (where we handle accounts for small start-up businesses and manage small churches and non-profit org sales). I was kind of shocked finding out that there was an immediate opening and my interview was on Friday. 


So... I've been taking some business server product training classes daily at 7am, then mentoring any free time I have in my workday, and preparing for a one week transition and interviewing (so excited!) so.... sorry I've been a little distant in blog world but.... WISH ME LUCK! hehe my mom was so right!

Anywho, I still have so many things to tell you guys! My best friend Justin's birthday was on Sunday, so we got together Saturday for a little surprise birthday get together. Nothing huge, but the oreo balls I made - were definitely huge lol. Oreo is his favorite cookie so I thought it'd be a perfect idea and something to whip up in only about an hour-two. AND - they were soooo good!

Oreo Balls

Technically the recipe called it: White Chocolate Oreo Cream Cheese Balls. - I think mine sums it up better ;) 

12oz  baker's white chocolate baking squares (you can also use small white chocolate chips-or any other melting chocolate) 
1 package of oreos
8oz of cream cheese

1. Crush oreos with blender until powder like
2. Then hand blend the oreo powder with cream cheese

This mixer is SO amazing! It has attachments for proccessing, blending, mixing. LOVE

3. Roll the oreos and cream cheese into balls (smaller than mine for higher yeild lol) and place them on a baking sheet and put in freezer until solid - 20-30 min is fine

4. Melt the white chocolate over stove or microwave and dip the balls into it as evenly as you can, then chill until set

5. Draw or decorate if you want to - but get better utensils than I had. I thought I had the bright decorating but it was the gel - The taste is what mattered! lol!

Alright.. let's just say I was never good at art. Ever. I still blame it on the gel!! :)

This was a fun and quick recipe to make on his birthday night! Did I mention they are heavenly? So delish! Make them :)

I'll leave you all with a few fun little highlights from his birthday.

The Homemade Banana and Pecan ice cream my best friend Ashley and Jenny made for the Austin Ice Cream Festival - so so good!
See? I AM good at writing! LOL - Jenny baked him a delicious cake!
My boo and Ashley lighting the candles!

Everyone laughing because Justin blew all the wax off the candles and onto poor Ashley's arm LOL
Ashley and Justin are having a baby, so a cowboy's #1 dad jersey was perfect :) Aww
Us ladies just hoverin' around the cute birthday boy! Even Dottee came hehe!

In my defense~ I had worked all day and hadn't showered and been drinkin' BUT I was ready for the cam! lol :P


Kristin Noelle said...

Those oreo balls look DELICIOUS!

Ruthie Hart said...

yay! goodluck girl I know you will do great, proud of you! and those oreo balls have been on my to make list!

Liz Taylor Training said...

OMFG! Those are the oreo balls I was looking at last week. OMG OMG OMG OMG GOING TO MAKE OMG OMG

Little Squirrel said...

Good luck on Friday!

And those Oreo Balls look AMAZING.

limitfreelifestyle said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog through Ruthie's! Lookin forward to reading more of each other's writing!