August 13, 2011

Week in Collage

Since I've been away for two days, and have soooo much to talk about...(too much for one post!) I decided for now to just let you see my weekend for yourself.... in collage!

I will go into more detail of these amazing events in posts this week!

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend???



Liz Taylor Training said...

I am very interested in those balls of deliciousness on your collage?!?! Cookies?!?! MM!

Amanda said...

oreo balls!! hehe they were frea-king delicious! :) xo

Delaney said...

love the collage idea :) You like to cook and bake? That is awesome :) You should do some recipes for girls who are domestically challenged like me.

Amanda said...

haha delaney i like to cook the best way! : cheap and simple. hehe