August 25, 2011

Healthified Grilled Chicken Nachos

As I have been doing absolutely nothing all day but relaxing and playing on our new family toy the Streak 7 that Scott brought home from work the other day, I pulled up you tube and played this song I've been obsessed with for months, and I swear it will never get old. "Crazy Girl" by Eli Young Band, I'm posting the video because I know you'll be hooked. 

(If you read below, the comments people have left will make you cry its so sweet, this song is like the perfect words said after a bad fight... Scott actually has learned how to play it and I swear I'm a emotional basketcase for sweet love songs haha i love it!)

We're Texas Country lovers at heart... I love cowgirl boots and guitars, my baby plays and sings, and I am in love with Brady Black from Randy Rogers band... We made eye contact at their concert at the famous Hills Cafe on SoCo (South Congress)

Anyway, :)

My week has been crazy! From trainings, working in my current position still until Monday, cleaning the house as we are going out of town this weekend (to Southeast Texas for my boyfriends hometown to see his sister and do a fantasy football draft woohoo! lol), and cooking up some amazing recipes to post - I have decided to get back on the grind with my blog, and I feel bad for slacking! 

Here is one of my favorite recipes I made this week! 

Healthified Grilled Chicken Nachos

I actually stole this recipe from believe it or not the Biggest Loser recipes, and my boy and I fell in looove.

baked tortilla chips
1 can low sodium black beans
low fat shredded cheese
4 ounces baked skinless boneless extra lean chicken breasts
3 diced up tomatoes (I cheated and got HEB freshly made pico de gallo with onions, cilantro, tomatoes, and jalapenos hehe)
2 tablespoons cheese or salsa con queso (all natural or low fat)
2 ounces jalapeno slices (i didn't use fresh i used nacho jalaps)

1. Heat oven to 400* and set chicken breasts in there for about 30 minutes. When finished cooking, dice up the chicken into half inch pieces and set aside.

*I may or may not have ate a 1/5 of the chicken bites during cooking* 

2. On a non stick pan, layout tortilla chips and start loading on the goodies! I put a tiny layer of cheese first so everything sticks to the chip once baked.

I love guac if you can't tell! Made a quick n easy guac for a snack while I cooked!

It was sooooo good! I highly recommend this for a fun and easy meal! Stay tuned for my recipe post tomorrow on Stuffed Chicken Diablo and Roasted Green beans..... be sure to have a snack around as this will make you very hungry :) Have a good day! 

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Ruthie Hart said...

wow yum!! cant wait for tomorrows recipe either!!!!!