August 15, 2011

A Day at the Gun Range

Last Thursday, I got a call from one of my girl friends who also had the day off and asked me if I wanted to go to a gun range with her and then pluckers, well - I love wings, and I'd never shot a gun before so of course- I was in!!

So we met up with one of her best friends who works there and everything was covered (so appreciative - especially when i started shooting off the rods that hold up the targets LOL oops!) 

I was pretty nervous at first but when I got there I was so ready to start shootin' targets! It was definitely an adrenaline rush.. and it was soooo loud!

You can't see well, but we both hit bulls-eye multiple times! Great for first-timers! Erica did awesome!!
Justin had brought his own guns with him so we shot the target shooter first, then moved onto a Glock 19 special zero fail edition, and then a 357 Magnum revolver. The Glock was the most fun but scariest to me cause the shells came back at you! And lucky enough, one hit my neck and rolled into my shirt! Check out my little battle burns....
I'm hardcore. :P

After running out of ammo for the other guns, we decided to switch over to the rifle range that was 100 yards, and Justin got his AK47 ready. Woah is right. I was really nervous! It was so loud!! I probably looked so funny because every time I shot it, I jumped a foot high from the noise and feeling. BUT it was so fun! 

By the end of this we were so ready for a drink! A lot of nerves but I would have to say this would be a perfect way to relieve a lot of stress on a bad day or something. Monday night is ladies night - and I am so down to come back in the future!

Yay I hit the target!
It's hard to tell in the pic you may have to click on it, but the top right is blown off by the AK while I was shooting down the range, and it knocked the rod and clothespin holding up the target right off! Ooopsies! 

We headed to Pluckers afterwards to unwind and grub on some delish wings! Come to find out it was Wingo night! (Bingo hehe)
I actually WON! Well, I actually tied with someone so we had to do a sing-off... good thing I'm a rockstar in disguise, they played JOURNEY's "Don't stop Believin"... You best believe I rocked it! Won $15 Giftcard to Pluckers and it went straight toward my tab!! 

It was a great day off! Will definitely be hitting up Wingo again too so I can win some free wings!!


Ruthie Hart said...

nice job at pluckers girl!!! I hear the trivia is super fun (yet I dont like wings...). oh and I cried the first time I shot a gun at Reds....scary! And the shells are so darn hot (hence your little burns!)

Fort Living Room said...

Love it! My husband and I went to a range last week. It's a good skill to have. He gets equal parts impressed and irritated when I shoot through his bullet holes in the targets. Which is not to say I'm a great shot and he's certainly much better but STILL!

cheartstrings said...

Sounds like a great night out. We have a local gun shop that hosts a ladies night. Every woman should have a gun!

Alessa & Tammie