September 23, 2011

Who are you? From A-Z

Since I am still with no camera *tear*, today I thought I would take advantage of this little game I saw on beautiful Amy Rene's blog, "Crazy, Random Happenstances." <<-- her blog is so cute! (and she has a giveaway going on right now!)

This is a great little "get to know you"game.. so here is the A-Z's of me!!

 A. Age: 22
B. Bed size: We have a Queen size bed right now but I am hoping we can get a King size once we have a bigger place or a house.

C. Chore that you hate: Dishes if they haven't been rinsed already and cleaning the bathtub. It's so awkward moving around!! lol
D. Dogs: Oh you better go check out little Huxley right now. :-) hehe! Our cute little 13 wk old Boston Terrier.
E. Essential start to your day: Walking Hux in the morning, breakfast with either coffee or diet coke, and a shower!
F. Favorite color: Shades of green, burgundy reds for home decorating and some purple
G. Gold or Silver: I have always been a White Gold or Silver kind of gal, but I've just started wearing a little gold and I like it!
H. Height: 5' 5"
I. Instruments you play: I used to play the piano as a hobby and clarinet in school, but I can't play jack anymore lol. I sing!?
J. Job title: Business Sales Consultant/Account Manager for Small Businesses... exciting I know!
K. Kids: None yet! Not for a few years.
L. Live: Austin, Texas baby!
M. Mother’s name: Margaret, but she goes by Ellen to family (middle name) and "Mama" to me.
N. Nicknames: Let's see.. Panda (my little brother Colin and my friend Olivia call me that) Amanhigh (umm.. that was back in high school don't know where that came from eek! haha my girl friend Krista still calls me that...) and my coworkers call me "Maggio!" or "Maggiano!" <--which is part of my blog title :-)

O. Overnight hospital stays: None for me since I was a baby! I used to get bronchitis as a baby every single December until I was about 5 which is also my birthday month.. I'd be there for weeks. Now I am never sick!..... *knock on wood*
P. Pet peeves: Slow drivers, people that drink out of the milk jug, people that don't wash their hands after using the restroom, people that aren't grateful or are snobby. List could go on...
Q. Quote from a movie: One of my all time favs: "Janice, I apologize to you if I don't seem real eager to jump into a forced awkward intimate situation that people like to call dating. I don't like the feeling. You're sitting there, you're wondering do I have food on my face, am I eating, am I talking too much, are they talking enough, am I interested I'm not really interested, should I play like I'm interested but I'm not that interested but I think she might be interested but do I want to be interested but now she's not interested? So all of the sudden I'm getting, I'm starting to get interested... And when am I supposed to kiss her? Do I have to wait for the door cause then it's awkward, it's like well goodnight. Do you do like that ass-out hug? Where you like, you hug each other like this and your ass sticks out cause you're trying not to get too close or do you just go right in and kiss them on the lips or don't kiss them at all? It's very difficult trying to read the situation. And all the while you're just really wondering are we gonna get hopped up enough to make some bad decisions? Perhaps play a little game called "just the tip". Just for a second, just to see how it feels."

-Wedding Crashers
R. Right or left handed: Right
S. Siblings: I have 1 sister Maddie (13yrs), and 4 brothers (crazy!) there is Jeff and Chris (40 and 34), they were my dad's kids before he married my mom, and then Nick who is 20, and then my little step brother Colin... you can see them on the Who's Who page!

T. Time you wake up: Usually 8am on weekdays, but my work schedule is changing to 7am starting Monday so it WILL be 5:30am (eek!) and as late as I can on weekends, but that ends up being about 9am lol.
U. Underwear: Private!! Actually, depends on the day... I hate panty lines, though. And that's all I'll say there. **taking that exact answer from Amy haha**
V. Vegetable you hate: Omg I can't stand Eggplant, Asperagus, Mushrooms, or Olives. Dude you don't even have to tell me - I'm a disgrace to my Italian origin. haha
W. What makes you run late: Me! Not only do I procrastinate a lot, but I'm pretty sure I procrastinate procrastinating. I am organized, but lazy. For some odd reason I work better under pressure so I tend to always still be JUST on time and always meet my deadlines by the deadline lol!

X. X-Rays you’ve had: Dental, and my Neck as I got hurt in high school and damaged some vertebrae in my neck and upper back.
Y. Yummy food that you make: Duh everything! You can see all my masterpieces right here.

Z. Zoo animal: Tigers and Pengiuns! I'm an LSU tiger and have loved tigers all my life, but pengiuns melt my heart with their cuteness!!

 I recommend everyone to do this! It was fun and hopefully you know me a little better :-).


Heather said...

Loved learning more about you!! Super great blog! :) xo

Melissa Blake said...

oh, i always wanted to play the piano!

Hollie Ann said...

waaiiiit you hate olives?!! ;)

Kristy said...

I'm a Texas girl too!! And my mama's name is Margaret!!!! Cray, huh?!?!