September 8, 2011

My Camera Died

I was so glad to see that Ruthie is in the same position (kinda) with this post. We're looking for a really nice camera!

I am probably not going to need anything extravagant, but in short story my camera died yesterday! Kaput! Nada! No fixin'... I will admit it was a crazy bargain deal...

I had gotten it on craigslist for about $40 bucks (and when I met up to buy it, this kid rolled up on a skateboard. The only thought running through my head was : this is his mom's camera... eek!) 

It was a Sony Cybershot W130 and I loved it. It honestly took great pictures and videos! I definitely used it for what it's worth, I've had it about a year and a half! Not bad...

Anyway, I have a Blackberry 8310 as my smartphone, so my pictures come out terrible! I'm being persuaded by everyone at work to get out of the dark age and get an iPhone... lol

I will leave you with a few last pictures I had taken, and call it the recaps of the past few weeks. :-) 

New camera recommendations would be much appreciated - as I am totally non tech savvy in that department. All I know is I want photo, hd video with audio, and a good zoom!

My Promotion-Celebration dinner at Twin Peaks - yes, twin peaks.. they have amazing food!
Texas Philly Cheesesteak - I gained 4 lbs that night. :P It's their best meal. Scott loves their Chicken Fried Steak
Dinner at Maiko Sushi Bar in DT Austin for my girlfriend Ashly's birthday about two weeks ago. Glitter was our theme for attire! SO much fun!

My other girlfriend Jenny eating Sushi and Miso Soup for the first time! I TOLD her she would love it!!! And yes, she is a die hard bud light fan. We were drinking Saki, Jenny drinks bud light. 
THIS is Huxley as a littttle baby. Are you dying yet? HE IS SO PRECIOUS! xoxo
It looks amazing! But don't be fooled like I was... this was my first FAIL making Cauliflower Pizza Crust  Pizza. :(  (the crust never cooked all the way so it was a little mushy. - next time : only 1 cup cauliflower)
It just happened to be the same night my car broke down, I didn't sell much at work, there were fires going on everywhere in Austin, and Huxley pooped in the kennel. LOL Those Cakies helped!! 
Cute little Hux exploring... Love his coat! He's black and white with tiny traces of brindle. SO adorbs.

You may have to put up with my crummy pics from blackberry the next few days/until I get a new camera, unless I can snag my handy boyfrann's Streak 5 from Dell he has - that takes great pics! hehe we'll see! 

I'm off to watch some FOOOTBALLLL!!! SO excited for the season! I am in two fantasy football teams, are you in any?? Game on!

SAINTS AND PACKERS baby!! Geaux Saints!! source


elisabeth | thimbles + things said...

oh man! that totally sucks about your camera! i'd be so sad!

i use my iPhone a TON & love it for spur of the moment photos.
i also have a DSLR nikon D3000, which i LOVE.

but i would recommend just a nikon coolpix if you're looking for something easy & small. it'll totally do the trick :)

good luck picking out a new one!


Taylor Christian said...

Nikon and canon are both great!! I have a friend with a Canon and I swear it's about as good as my Canon DSRL.