September 22, 2011

Date Week

Last week, I had a pretty stressful week... working late trying to crunch in numbers to hit my goals for the end of this month, tons of meetings early in the mornings, my camera died, and worst of all... hit a bump in the road with my favorite person in the world, my boyfriend.

Sorry, I had to use this pic of us as it is too hilarious. Taken at the Pecan St Festival in ATX
...after many drinks of course.
After this insane week, on Friday night I got a text from him. Wish I had an iphone so I could capture it in a pic and post it, it was so sweet. To sum it up, Scott said it had been a hard week for the both of us, and he would be so honored if I could let him take me to dinner, and he'd pick me up at 8pm if I said yes.

I don't know about you ladies in relationships, but isn't it 100x more romantic when they ASK you to dinner over a phone call or text? Like a first date?!

So after work I had attended a Mary Kay party my girl friend Mandi hosted, and stayed for just a glass of wine and some facials, but got home in time to pretty up and get ready for this date.

When he picked me up we went to Carinos, it was close by and I was in the mood for a good hearty meal after eating practically eating nothing but PB&J's and HealthyChoice soups all that week.

 When we got there Scott chose to order us a bottle of wine! Ow Ow! This never happens we are beer drinkers by far... My favorite Red Wine is Pinot Noir because of the distinct taste and strawberry/pomegranate after taste instead of the dry aftertaste some red wines give. We had Mirrasou.


It was a delicious wine! The only problem with me and wine is I love it toooo much. ;-) For as expensive as they sell these wine bottles, I had to pace myself to keep it at one! lol but it went great with dinner.

Usually you'll want to eat red meat with wine, but I really don't follow those standards as I'm not a huge fan of white wine at all. Scott ordered the Homestyle 16 Layer Lasagna and I ordered a Chicken Bowtie Festival. It's a combination of Chicken Bacon and Bowtie noodles tossed in an Asiago Cream Sauce with tomatoes. I order it every time... it's amazing! My favorite part of Carinos as well is their Bread and Roasted Garlic crumbles in an Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinaigrette.


Carinos was fun because we finally got to sit down and enjoy a nice meal and be able to communicate with each other about the issues we were having, and even though they may not be completely resolved, it's nice to know we both are dedicated to working this out together and build our relationship even stronger.

Saturday and Sunday were spent watching football and visiting our family friends, Roger and Colin.

On Monday it was back to work, and what did I come home to?
An immaculate home with a bathed dog and Smokey Mo's BBQ! Oh, and Monday Night Football!! It felt so nice to not have anything to do when I got home but kick off my shoes grab some dinner and relax with my man.

On Tuesday I get another text from the loverboy, asking me on another date! As this is obviously not very usual, I could tell he was really taking something I had said about us not going on dates just the two of us very often and I wanted more quality time very seriously, so I texted him and let him know we didn't have to go out all the time! He of course texted back and let me know that he understands, but he was really craving the endless shrimp at red lobster. Haha I'd never been so I said yes. :)

Again it was so nice to sit down and be able to talk about just anything going on and have a great time. I am almost 100% certain we did not talk about work or stress related topics at all. Isn't that so nice? Ahh I love it. I love him.

Yesterday I started my new schedule which will be 7am-4pm (yikes! hello starbucks!) and as some of you know he works 1pm-10pm. Talk about completely opposite schedules. I'm in bed by the time he gets home! Well I tell you what, I was home and just ate some leftovers and when he got home late he did too. Since I was in bed watching TV fallin asleep he came in and watched tv with me until I was konked out and went and played Madden with some buddies online. Did I mention he brought me home a present??

 Apparently the Israeli girls at work have been beggin him to get this straightener for me from HerStyler. From what they say it is 10x better than the Chi, doesn't damage your hair, and Scott said she's done so many tutorials in front of him, he literally straightened my hair last night and sold me on it haha. It was absolutely hilarious and so sweet! I also got some high-end shampoo and conditioner. Did I mention I have the sweetest boyfriend in the world?? Be jealous ;-) Jk.

I just have to say this week of dates has been so great for our relationship/friendship and am totally braggin on my hunny! He really has stepped up and is wanting to make things so much more romantic and fun between us. Sometimes work and stress in our lives can take us away from what's really imporant... and he's made me feel so special and closer to him as a friend and as his lady.


Courtney said...

Hey girl! Thanks for following me on twitter. I'm so happy to find your blog. Can't wait to read more and get ideas for cooking!

Ruthie Hart said...

what a sweet guy...I know this is exactly what you needed girl! And omg...I have been wanting to go to Red Lobster but Jon refuses! Where is one in Austin!?!? I love their biscuits heheh. Glad you guys are doing great girl!

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

we do dates too... we try to do a new resturant or type of food every friday. some fridays we end up asleep because our days are so busy but the dates are always fun and makes us feel like we just met again :) sounds like you guys had an amazing time <3 love that first pic by the way lol