May 3, 2012

Mama's Wedding

On April 21, 2012, I got to watch my beautiful mother get married to the man of her dreams! The Wednesday before, Scottie and I drove 8 hours to go start setting up. We picked up my friend Suzy in Houston on the way (We've been friends for over 10 years so my mom was dying for her 3rd daughter to come!) and headed to the Bayou state!

Due to my at the time injured hand, maid of honor duties with MOH2 (Maddie!), and my camera dying on me, I wasn't able to get as many pictures as I really wanted from the ceremony/reception, but I did capture some precious moments with the help of Suzy! It was a lot of work doing a "Pinterest" Wedding, but it was so authentic and original, gorgeous, see for yourself!

Turning that... into this....

Got this idea off Pinerest, Mason jars on each fence post. We also did different sized Mason Jars and individual 2in wooden stump looking things with green moss... I hope the photographer got a picture - it was a lot of work but looked fantastic!!

Getting Ready...

This is Al's grandaughter, Emily - the coolest 10 yr old I've ever met! She was the junior bridesmaid

The whole salon was laughing at me freaking out getting my eyebrows done... the ladies are scared of me! I don't know why my eyes are so sensitive, but the waterworks go crazy every time! It was hilarious.

The Ceremony...

I didn't get a picture of the food tent, but when the photographer gets the pictures in, I'll be sure to post because it was BEAUTIFUL! A few of the housekeeping gals that works for my mom's hotel came to help decorate and made a giant fruit set up! It was gorgeous.

My Aunt Nita made Crawfish Etoufee, Al's brother in law made the most amazing brisket, we also had Jumbalaya, Veggie trays, Meatballs... it was a buffet style. Suzy did get a snapshot of what her plate loooked like... the crawfish etoufee was to die for!!

Check out these cakes......

My mom had an Almond Creme Cake and those are fresh roses for decor - so beautiful!

Now Al's cake was so cool! Our family are known for being crawfish fiends! Look how talented this place was... even put April 21, 2012 with the headline of them getting married on the newspaper! Haha oh and the flavor? TURTLE - tons of Chocolate and Caramel! #holyyum!

Some pictures from the reception...
Best Friends since 8th grade! Love this girl :)

Is that not the cutest picture ever? Love love love.

The close family like my mom's two brothers and their wives/girlfriend and we all went to a bar abuot 30 minutes away to listen to her friend's band play. Danced until about 2am then came home and sat around the bonfire as you can see behind me in the last pic... ALL night listening to Scott and my little brother Nick play guitar, drink, etc....

Needless to say we were soooooo dead the next day... tired got a whole new meaning!

We did manage to get off our butts and go see our Uncle Joey and eat some crawwwwfish!

It was so wonderful. Best part is that the two love birds had the best time with their loved ones and took off the next day to their Honeymoon which they went to the most secluded Bayou area and stayed in a Cabin on a Lake.... this is the ONLY picture they took (below) lol. Well, I take that back. They had 18 pictures total. 17 of the alligators running around and ONE of them. Haha I love my mom.

Al put this picture below up on Facebook with the Caption...
"Happiness Is..."

Congratulations to my mama and her hubby!


Ashley said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding and those cakes were amazing!!

Ruthie Hart said...

Aawww I am so happy for your mama! That groomscake is AMAZING! I don't know how on earth baker's do that!!! I love y'alls dresses was my other top choice for my wedding :-) love the pinteresting!