May 7, 2012

Monday Randoms

Hey, friends! Hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend! There was so much going on here in Austin with the Derby, Pecan Festival, Lonestar Jam, and just Cinco de Mayo in general!

Soo my first week at my new job has been truly a blessing how great it was! A lot of software training and talking with the CEO daily on things I should know, also reading a book called, "The E Myth Revisited", by Michael Gerber. It's actually a really great book if you are a small business owner! I have resonated with a lot in the book and I know that if you own an etsy shop or even a small business locally - this book is a great read with great advice!

Friday we had some plans fall through, so ended up taking it easy and watching some movies. Huxley was not complainin about some good ole R&R time!

I got my business phone in, and it's going to take some time to get used to an android!? I have had an iphone4 for about 4 months now and I finally just got used that that! haha Oh and if you're with AT&T, don't try to port your number over to your Business phone because they want to charge $285(!?!?) Insane..

It's a Samsung Glaxy SII Epic 4g Touch? Anyone have one? What do you think???!

This afternoon, I'll be taking my very first ever Business trip! It probably sounds silly on how excited I am!! My boss and I will be carpooling to Dallas together and our conference will be at a nice hotel downtown called the Hilton Anatole.. I'll be there til Thursday to meet all of my vendors, clients, and do a few trainings... Tonight they're having a "Mad Men" themed party to break the ice and so there will be poker, martinis, scotch, etc! I can't wait, should be a fun few days of work (didn't know those two words could be used in the same sentence before)!!

Yesterday after Church I got to witness a dear friend's husband get baptised and several was very powerful and moving to see so many people pubically give themselves to the Lord and forgive their sins... To read more and see some pictures, check out Ruthie's post today about her hubby. So moving!

Scott now has to work on Sundays so it's nice to have people I know at Church to connect with. Saw two girls from Small group and the sermon was just perfect for me. You always know it's a moving experience in Church when you are crying by the end! I think what got me is this girl I've never heard sing before did the last song as David Crowder's "How he loves..." Ohh man. She was great.

Spent most of yesterday afternoon doing laundry, packing for this trip, and watching some re runs of one of my favs, Law and Order. (SVU of course!) This is actualy one of Huxley's new favorite shows...

Hope you all get a good laugh out of Huxleys obsession with this episode with the dry erase board! LOL I could not stop laughing I replayed this like 4 times before even recording it...

Happy Monday! Will be bloggin' from D town tomorrow!!

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Ruthie Hart said...

have so much fun on your biz trip! Isn't it nice to enjoy work at times?? And thank you so much for the sweet words and witnessing Jon's baptism. What a powerful day, xoxoxo!