May 31, 2012

Torchy's Thursday

Yep, that is right. If you have ever been to Austin & have not eaten Torchy's - you are missing out!

Torchy's Tacos has a few select locations in central/south Austin but my favorite is the trailer off South 1st St! My breakfast taco had eggs, potatos, and brisket with cheese! I can only do Torchy's sometimes when I'm craving a "damn good taco". I highly recommend everyone has at least 1 taco from here! They do everything, not just breakfast but all the way from ahi tuna tacos to monster burrito tacos & NOTHING is over 7 bucks! Love it.

Anyway, enough rambling about my love for Torchy's... this morning I was so tired! We got word about 9:30pm last night that Scott's BFF and his honey were in town due to their cousin's softball tourney and needed a place to stay. If you know me - I LOVE having company, and what great timing that I just happened to had cleaned the house the day before (wahooo!). I love Scott's buddy Phillup! He and Lacey are so much fun to be around... the last time we saw them was from New Years... oh boy and did we have fun.

Yeah... I'm not sure what the F we are doing either... haha
Aren't they just the cutest couple? Love them!

So they are in town until tomorrow morning and we plan on hitting up the Oasis tonight for the sunset!

Tomorrrrrrowwwwww is my 5th Anniversary with Scottie! :) We have reservations at a super nice Steak house and Winery in Austin at 8pm tomorrow night! So excited! I'm even more excited about our future & getting to spend many more years with this amazing man....


Mallorie Owens said...

I have to try Torchy's soon! That sounds so good :) Your anniversary date sounds so fancy, hope you guys have a great time!

Jamie said...

Happy anniversary!

Brooke Houston said...

Happy Anniversary!!! How exciting! AH and I love Torches!