May 30, 2012

Speed Date Linkup

I don't know about y'all, but the gloominess in the weather has made it so hard to wake up! I usually jam to Spirit radio (Contemporary Christian Music) on the way to work, but today I was wanting to mix things up and turned on the hip hop station... have y'all heard this "Cake" song by Rihanna & Chris Brown? (Listen & tell me you don't start dancing) It's so repetitive and the lyrics are raunchy... but I LOVE IT! I probably looked like a weirdo at 730am club dancing in my car while also applying makeup in traffic... hehe I have to say though, Rihanna Station on Pandora is my favorite for running, working out, and jamming out! Her new song, "Where have you been" is amazeballs. Listen!

Anyway, today I'm linking up with This Little Momma who did a linkup yesterday called "Speed Dating" where we write a post with random 'get-to-know-yous' and check out other bloggers who do the same!

About Amanda from Maggiano Takes Austin...

I was born in Austin, TX in 1988- but only lived here about 2 months before moving. Never moved back until I was in 11th grade and went to McNeil HS.

I am one of 5 kids, and each one of us were born in the capital of a state (weird right!?) Baton Rouge, LA, OKC, Austin, TX! 3 were in Baton Rouge (Which is where I'm from.... GEAUX TIGERS!)

I went to a Catholic Private School until 7th grade, and I loved it! I was actually a Soloist for our Choir & performed a Whitney Houston/Mariah Carey song as a lead in a play, and was actually good! (Do I sing now? Umm only when I drink :-) or in the shower...)

I have the cutest Boston Terrier you've ever seen named Huxley. So full of adventure, so smart, so sweet, he means more to me than the world - and I spoil him like you wouldn't even imagine. Click here for more videos, pictures, and Huxley's story.

I have been dating this sexy stud for 5 years (on June 1!!) and it keeps getting better and better. We met when I was his trainer @ Dave and Busters (we were servers at the time), and we have been through some bumpy times, but I have never been happier and more complete in my life. Love you, babe!

Scott lost his mother to a heart attack a few months before he met me, so I never got to meet her - but I hear all the time from him and his dad how much I am like her and it just warms my heart. I am trying to get her old cookbook to start making her recipes because she was an amazing baker, and that part of cooking I lack a bit. Her name was Ruthie Owens, and I can forsee me naming my first daughter after her. Such a beautiful and graceful woman.

I also lost a parent recenly, about a year and a half ago, my Dad passed away after a short 6 week diagnosis of Esophageal Cancer. You can read more about that here. He was my best friend, and sometimes it still hurts that I can't talk to him 5 times a day like I used to whether I went and bugged him at his house or he called me all the time to see how my day was going. He was my biggest fan and supporter, and he still is and I feel him every day with me. 

My Dad also taught me how to cook growing up. I'm more of a savory than sweets kind of girl, so I don't bake as much as I throw some amazing recipes together in the kitchen. Scott is very thankful for this :-). To check out some of my recipes just click here.

When I'm in my car, I'm almost always listening to Christian Music. I would say that along with Hip Hop, Texas Country, and any Indy/Rock/Classic Rock is my taste in music. I can't pick a favorite, it really depends on my mood. Scottie and I are dancers. You will always find us on the dance floor whether we're two steppin' or straight up pop, lockin, and droppin it!

Growing up I was one girl with three brothers, and finally at 10 years old, I got a little sister I had always wanted! Maddie will be staying with in Austin (my whole family lives in Louisiana) for the next 3 weeks. I cannot wait to see what trouble we get into!! We have sooo much FUN, I really let my wild-side completely immature and dorkyness come out. Why not!? She will tell you how many times growing up when we shared a room I'd lock the door and turn on Lil Jon's "To the windowwwwws" and throw dance parties when she was like um... 3? :) Now I embarrass myself in front of her to embarrass her and I get such a kick out of it! Like overly dramatically singing Adele songs with the windows rolled down in traffic. Oh the fun....


I am 85% Italian and 15% Irish - My family comes from Sicily, Italy and and some of my dad's family is also from Ireland. I am told I have small bits of Welsh and Scottish too, but not much.

I have dreamed of being a nurse my whole life. I am pursuing an RN degree, but it is obviously taking a while and I haven't taken very many classes. Not so easy to school when you have to pay for it all. I've thought about taking out loans, but I would rather take my time and not be in debt. Not to mention still havin to keep a full-time job and pay those bills! But I am determined that I will be an RN in the future.

Most people see the usual birthmark on my face because it's a mole/dark next to my eye. I love it! What people don't notice, is the second one next to my OTHER eye! It's a lot lighter, and on the other side of my eye than the other.

My uncle is a famous music producer and I've always been so jealous - he created a lot of the songs for Sex and the City movies and also travels everywhere! He has a place in LA, Paris, France, New Orleans, New York, etc. So cool!

It is MUCH easier for me and prettier to write in cursive.

I am a sagittarius born on December 8... I fit the profile perfectly. It is the bow and arrow of the archer... It is a mutable sign, meaning being able to adapt to changes very well, also very positive and extroverted - very much into travel, meeting new people, and philosophy. I love being a December baby - it's far enough from Christmas that I always still got to demand 2 presents ;-).

I am an expert at guitar hero. Yeah you heard that right, betches!!

I have never been WEST of Lubbock, TX... and just finally recently went more North than Oklahoma when I took a drama-tour trip to NYC with my Mom and Sister. I need to TRAVEL. My main places I want to go is to tour Europe, and to go to California, Alaska, Chicago, Boston, and Las Vegasssss baby.

I am the biggest joke for italian and here is why: I cannot stand - Eggplant, Mushrooms, Olives, OR Italian Sausage... which are italian staples... guess I'll replace those with my Irish Beer-Drinking abilities :)

So there you have it! Some randoms about me.... do this linkup so I can read more about you!!
This Little Momma


Ruthie Hart said...

I didn't know Scott's mom was named Ruthie!!! So cool! What a great name :-)

and yall should go to Vegas for your anniversary! it is so cheap to fly there and hotels are ridiculously inexpensive!!!

That is great you want to be an RN...I wish I would have done that but then again I was sooo bad at science and I am queasy/emotional!

Nicole said...

It was so nice to 'meet' you! Thanks for linking up!

Liv Kit said...

Cute! I am pretty "bad" at guitar hero myself!