May 14, 2012

Trip to D-town

Happy Monday, friends! I am so glad to be back and no more traveling for at least a few weeks, phew! This past week if you caught up with my last Monday's randoms... I went on my first ever biz trip with my new job to the Hilton Anatole (formerly the Lowes Anatole) to meet up with dozens of groups of small business owners (in the IT field) and also all of the vendors that we work with.

This hotel is just absolutely beautiful... When it was the Lowes Anatole, they had a theme to the hotel of a Singapore so there were huge sculptures and in one of the main hallways there are life-size elephant statues. Pretty cool!

During the day were 8 hour long trainings in a very cold meeting room, but the speakers were incredible and it was very interactive so I got so much out of it!

By night time, we were partyin' on the Vendors dollar! Look at these entrees I completely overinduldged in.....

The first night we had a "Mad Men" themed poker party! Mustaches and all....


Second night we were served the Salmon you see above & the dessert, alongside some Calamari and these small flatbreads that were just soooo mouthwatering good!

Every night the Vendors and youngsters like me were up til about midnight (or 1 ish ha) drinking and networking... let's just say by the end of this trip everyone decided I fit riiiight in & loved me!- it was such a blast to meet and get along with all of these successful people!

I can't say enough how even just last month I was stressing and working my life away just being miserable... and this new job has been a life-changing experience so far, feeling so blessed and free now to be a 23 year old Austinite EVEN when working a full time job! So I'm linking up with Heather as this 1/2 Cup Full is definitely how I'm feeling lately! God is so good.

By Thursday though, I was soooo happy to be coming home to this little man...

Hope all of you Mothers and Fur-Mommy's like me had a wonderful Mother's day! Scottie surprised me with a bottle of my favorite Dolce Wine and our besties Ashley and Justin came over and I grilled some Fajitas for us... Annalee also decided to join us :) I can't get enough of this cute little gal...

By the way, look how adorbs Annalee looks in this headband I got from Mallorie a few weeks ago!

This girl is so talented you should always get your baby headbands from her!! You can see her whole shop [[here]]!

Anyway, I didn't get to spend Mother's day with my mom this year, but I definitely made sure my other siblings pampered her to the fullest! I miss mama tons, but I'll get to see her on June 9th as I make my way to Winnie, TX to pick up Maddie and we're having a girls night at a random hotel there. Should be fun!

What did you do for Mothers day?? Were you pampered? Did you get to do something fun with your momma!?


Mallorie Owens said...

Aww thanks Amanda, glad you loved them! :) That hotel looks so pretty and that food sounds amazing!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ooh that hotel looks so cool!! and that food looks really yummy.

bonbon said...

What an awesome job that you have! I have always wanted a job that allows me to travel and get sweet perks like free food and hotel stays. I guess the 8 hour meetings in a freezing cold room could go though!

Love your little fur ball! What a cutie!

new follower :)