May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Our Memorial Weekend went by too fast! Did yours? Most of the weekend, Scott and I spent apart as he attended a wild bachlor party... umm 6 hours at a strip club on saturday evening starting at 6pm!?... what do you even do at that point!? I asked him to spare the We started the weekend off on Thursday attending the Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen Concert at Nutty Browns Cafe... it was so much fun! And I saw one of my best friends Joyce that I hadn't seen in over 6 months so I was a happy girl!

So while Scott was away on Friday and Saturday night, I got time to get my apartment ready for Maddie coming in town next weekend (my little sister is coming to stay with me for 3 weeks!!), I invited my brother Chris over to hang out, got some tanning accomplished (I'm finally getting so dark yay!) and took advantage of watching all my trashy/girly TV shows that Scott haaaates! :-)

When we were finally reunited (at 8am Sunday morning), we took it pretty lazy, streamed Church to our TV around 11am, then got up and made a late brunch after Church.

Starting the Memorial Celebration right, I cooked up some great eats and made the best margaritas I think I've made in a good while! Meanwhile, Scottie played me some new songs he taught himself on the guitar, which I LOVED considering he's now learned all these Randy Rogers Band songs.

I went to town in the kitchen, made bacon wrapped asperagus, cheesy grilled spicy ranch chicken, mixed whole grain rice with hot pico de gallo, and some black beans & avocado. Served with tortillas on the side and a fresh margarita!

Monday was spent more like a Sunday, just relaxing and getting things back in order for the week. I am so excited for my sister to be here, June is going to be insane! We have Maddie from June 2-23rd, on June 9th we have a wedding in Kerville, TX, June 15, 16, 17, and 22 are BIRTHDAYS being celebrated, Huxley turns 1!! We will be busy :-).

I definitely wanted to say thank you for all of those who have family or loved ones serving our country or have in the past. Lots of love for my cousin Tony who is in the Marines, and for my late Grandpa who served in the Navy. Happy Memorial day to you all!

How did you spend your long weekend!?

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Ruthie Hart said...

hat dinner looks amazing!! I can't wait to cook some meals this week, I hate being gone and eating out every meal. And girl, you better not be tanning in a tannig bed!