June 1, 2012

Happy Anniversary

to my sweet boyfriend of 5 years. :-)
to the man who laughs at me when i stress and rant, and tells me how damn cute i am
to the best friend that lifted me up & encouraged faith in me when my daddy passed
to the cowboy that taught me how to two-step and made me a pro with my own cowgirl boots
to the goof that dances [hysterically] like justin timberlake during hip hop songs
to the sexiest deep raspy voice that can sing any song on his guitar so perfectly
to the lover that writes little love songs about me
to the most insanely smart and skilled sales professional i have ever met
to the guy that 'mistakingly' tipped me 60 dollars more than he should have as his cocktail waitress
to the king of snuggle-fests & tickle scratching
to the cutest fur-daddy i could have ever imagined
to the crazy boy i got to do a round-off on dave & busters dining room floor for $20 bucks for one of my tables 
to the crazy person that dances around in a towel when he gets out the shower just to make me laugh
to the party animal that will stay up with me til 4am on weekends drinkin and playin guitar
to the friend and partner i've always wanted that truly gets me
to the God-loving man who has continued to grow faith more each year
to the man of my dreams, and love of my life...
cheers to another year of happiness, faith, laughter, passion, & support. you are my everything.


Jen said...

so so so cute :-)
Happy anniversary!!

Ruthie Hart said...

happy anniversary...let me know if something special happens tonight! & we love flemings!

Amy @ At the Pink of Perfection said...

Happy Anniversary!! Found your blog thru Ashlyn, your newest follower!

Breanna said...

Adorable pictures! :) Happy Anniversary! :)

I just found your blog today and I am so glad that I did! New follower here! :) So glad to be along for the ride!

Breanna :)

Brooke Houston said...

That was ver very sweet! Sounds like y'all have a great time together. Have a great anniversary! Xoxo

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Yah! What a great day! Hope it was rip roarin'

Celeste said...

SO sweet! He sounds like a super fun guy to have around :) Happy (late) Anniversary!!!