June 8, 2012

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Maddie's 2nd Day on South Congress was fun! We didn't do as much shopping because it was sooo hot!! It was fun though, we stopped by a few little shops on the other side of the street, and even visited some cute puppies (They have an Ausin Pet's Alive trailor set up on SoCo with puppies for show for possible adoption). We didn't snap as many pictures as I'd hoped, but OMG if you are in Austin or are ever planning on going to Austin, Hopdoddy is one of the best tasting burger joints I've ever been to... Maddie was in heaven!

{source: Hopdoddy Website}

Maddie anxiously awaiting her burger and fries!

Holy yum. This was a Classic Cheese Burger with their Sassy Sauce (which is a combination of their homemade horseradish, mustard, and mayo with spices). The fries are seasoned with garlic and herbs which makes them so flavorful, oh and to top it off:
a NUTELLA and Pretzel Milkshake! We obviously didn't even finish it halfway we were so full from the burger but it was the bomb.com.

So YAY for Friday!! This week has flown by for me, maybe it's because my sister has been able to hang out with me at work and we are currently jamming out to Dubstep Radio while drinking coffee. So fun. :-)

Have a great weekend, friends!


Alyssa said...

one word: YUM! hah i'm pretty sure i'll be in austin sometime this summer you have me looking forward to eating once i get there!!

Ruthie Hart said...

We LOVED hopdoddy! The line was incredibly long but so worth it. Jon got a double burger and ate every last bite haha

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Ok now I wanna eat a cheeseburger. Thank gawd my diet starts Monday. I hope you have some great times this weekend. Avoid tornaders!

Brooke Houston said...

Oh I love Hopdoddy!!! I went on a Friday night and it was such a crazy line! Luckily we were meeting people there so we didn't have to wait. I'll have to come sometime for lunch ;)

Amanda said...

Happy Monday! Seriously, that burger looks amazing! Now, I'm definitely craving a burger for sure :)