June 7, 2012

South Congress

So if you have been following along with my blog, my little sister, Maddie (14) is in town for 3 weeks, and we are having a blast! Yesterday, she came with me to work, and we listened to Pandora as I worked away & took an extended lunch to do some South Congress Shopping since my office is located very dangerously close conveniently on the shopping strip! Here are some pictures of our day yesterday.

During our walk, we stopped and grabbed a slice of the delicious "Home Slice" Restaurant, then grabbed Fro-Yo as we walked back into the office. It-was-Amazing!

Today is known as "First Thursday" and as the first Thursday of the month there are incredible sales, biker rallies, tons of tourists around so we will check it out & have some lunch on SoCo again today! We'll definitely capture some more photos! :-) Happy Thursday!


Ruthie Hart said...

that is too funny she came with you to work! My sister would be bored to tears haha. Yall have to go to Mighty Cone at First Thursday...and the Thai place is so good! How do you like working on Soco??

Dave Owens said...

Did she get a pair of boots yet? :D

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing..