June 19, 2012

Ziplining over Lake Travis

As most of you know, this weekend was crazy eventful as I really wanted to make my little sister, Maddie (14 - who has been staying in Austin w/ me for 3wks from Louisiana), and Scott (28- the BF), feel really special as they both celebrated birthdays on Friday and Saturday.

Friday night we had Scott's Birthday Bash, which I posted about yesterday, and today, I've got all the awesome pictures we took while out in the blistering heat beautiful sun and lake!

Saturday morning started early for me as the "event-coordinator", and I got some extra extra strength head-ache medicine and water ready next to our bed for Scottie (yay for curin' the hangover quickly before it starts!) and whipped up the breakfast of champions with some waffles, fried eggs over easy, bacon, with syrup and nutella out for the spreadin'. They were happy campers :-). I made sure to schedule the zip-lining around 3pm so that we could all feel like "sleepin in"/lying around the house during the day being lazy! Also woke up Maddie with some balloons and a card from Huxley. Although Huxley seemed a bit more interested in the balloons than Maddie. It was too funny!

We got there about 30 minutes early to get all prepared, and thank goodness we had been drinking water all day because we were in for a huge surprise with allllll the hiking it really was to get to these zip lines!

We did a total of 5 zip lines, all getting longer and faster each time. It was an experience to remember! The last zip line, you got up to 65mph and it stretches over a 1/2 mile directly over the lake (we had many watchers from their boats on the lake - so fun!)

The tour-guides were absolutely fantastic - fun and energetic. Very motivating while you're hiking, and water was provided at every stop/zip line. Overall it was an incredible experience and very worth the $89 per person (although I was bummed I missed the groupon back on OCT that would have made it only $50 but oh well!)

Best part is - after all the zip lining - you have access to a private beach where you are provided tubes, floaties, everything you need to have a great time - the water was perfect and we hung out and unwinded with a cold beer after ziplining. A perfect afternoon. Scott and Maddie had a great time, and that makes it all worth it for me.

Scott is holding up his shoe because we bought those before zip-lining. He LOVES them - they ar the new Apidure (Toe-shoes?) that are perfect for hiking, swimming, etc. They were only 39.99 at Academy which is NOT bad for the comfort and support he had. He said he felt like he was barefoot! I just can't bring myself to wear these toe-shoe things. Looks so weird! lol!

Once we noticed the sun slowly starting to set, we decided to take off and grab a good table ealy at The Oasis on Lake Travis in Austin. It was about 11 minutes away so it wasn't a far drive at all. Scott got Fajitas, Maddie got Fried Shrimp, and me - Shrimp Tacos w/ Baja Sauce. Oh and a cold magarita too. JUST what we needed after a day of workin' out/swimmin!

Look how breath taking the sunset and skyline was...

It was the perfect dinner, we were feelin pretty tired though and headed home for some Huxley time... he was soooooo happy to see us :-) Cuddled up with daddy right away and we watched a movie and I'm pretty sure we were all in bed by 11pm!


Father's day has been rough on me as this will be the second one I've spent missing my daddy who passed away in October of 2010. His story is here. For some reason, I couldn't bring myself to go to Church where I knew the whole sermon was going to be on dads... I am making it up by attending Church Wednesday evening, but it was definitely hard - and I know it is much harder on Maddie who was only 12 when she lost him so we had an easy morning in the house. Sunday evening I grilled some Steaks, Corn on the cob, Asperagus, with loaded mashed potatos, and we had Scott's dad over to watch the game (for all you Heat fans- OKC will come back strong don't you worrryyy!) and we had a great time. Since Scott's dad had to work on Scottie's bday - I made some homemade brownies and had candles so he felt like he got to celebrate w/ us too.

Ruthie, notice a delicious batch of onion dip half gone? :)
That dip is amaaaazing and was half devoured in 3.2 seconds. Credits to Ruthie Hart for the recipe!

Shrimp Diablo Appetizers (Bacon Jalapeno & Cream Cheese wrapped over Shrimp and grilled)

Huxley made a #1 Fur-Daddy TShirt with paw-prints for Scott for Father's day. He looooooved it!

Well, that was my weekend! Sorry for the abundance of pictures - but I KNOW you enjoyed them! We are still unwinding from all the fun activities and great food. Also a lot of amazing things happening in our little family right now, so stay tuned! God is SO good :-) We are blessed.


Mallorie Owens said...

Looks like you had a great time zip lining! What a great way to end it with swimming and then margs/dinner at Oasis! And I'm so sorry about Father's Day, I was thinking about you...I can't imagine what that's like, but you are so strong.

Ruthie Hart said...

gosh yall had an insane and fun weekend!!! We are going to Mexico in Oct and I was thinking of maybe doing ziplining...I need to research but it looks fun! And we live so close to the Oasis yet never go haha.

As for church on Sunday, I totally understand why you couldn't go but I encourage you to watch the podcast sometime. Ted talked about this being a hard day for many who have lost children, fathers, husbands. His message was SO applicable to people of all walks, not just fathers. I think it would be great for Scottie to listen to also, especially if you all plan to have children one day. Praying that your heart continues to heal Amanda!

and ps...wasn't that dip SO good! Must make again stat!

Anonymous said...

i've been trying to plan a trip to austin this summer and now really want to go ziplining. especially since it gives me an excuse to go to oasis again and hangout at lake travis.

Brooke Houston said...

I have been wanting to go zip-lining for quite some time now, and your pictures make me want to buy tickets right now! I'm glad you were able to spend time with people who love you this weekend.