June 11, 2012

Weekend in Pictures

Our weekend practically started Friday as we didn't have much going on at work. Maddie and I started the morning off right with a cup of coffee and netflix'ed a random scary Shark Movie that ended up being quite the ridiculous movie.

For lunch we decided to hit up another Austin Iconic Restaurant, Shady Grove! Maddie got the famous Chicken Fried Steak, and I opted for a Grilled Chiken Sandwich. It was heavenly, and Maddie left with a TShirt that sad Shady Grove on front and "Keep Austin Weird" on back. :-)

When we got home we definitely had nothing but RUNNING in mind after eating all of that delicious food!! So we leashed Huxley up and headed out! We ran about 3 miles around our neighborhood and then next to my home we stopped by a little park. You can tell by the pics Huxley had a great time! He even went down the slide! His face is soo funny in the slide pics.

Saturday was pretty lazy, we got some cleaning done around the house and just chilled out as Saturday night was going to be a late one! Around 730 we went to go watch the Heat play and have a brewskie! Now, I'm not a HUGE Heat fan ( I like watching them though!) but I really want OKC to win! Now that they are teamed up against each other I cannot WAIT for the Championship!!!!

Saturday night after the game we went to our good friends house to listen to their band play and have a few drinks. Umm has anyone heard of Fruit Loop Three Olives Vodka? Not bad! :) It was so fun and we got home around 2am where Scott went directly to bed and I stayed up with Maddie watching "Walk Hard" - funniest movie!!

Here is a little Video Clip - he is SO talented! He works with Scott @ Dell. I love going to little Dell parties so I can see all of my friends again! I miss everyone from Dell but I just loooove my new job so much!

Sunday was a bit of a hungover/tired day. We streamed Church to our TV from online, then laid around for a few more hours until finally we got up and headed to see our little step-brother Colin and have a little late birthday celebration. Colin is so cute and animated, I didn't snap too many pics, but I did get some good ones with his cake and a little video of his face landing straight into it. :-)

His video of his face in the cake.... lol!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Anyone do anything exciting!?


Mallorie Owens said...

Hehe, I love that you guys took Huxley down the slide...too funny!

With Glitter On Top said...

just found your blog and wanted to say hello :) looks like you had a wonderful weekend! please come check out my blog sometime :D

Brooke Houston said...

Haha you're brother smashing his face in the cake is too funny!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I would love to know what the crazy shark movie was. I am a sucker for cheesy scary movies. :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Oh I wanna go down the slide with the pooch. This looks like fun times 10 weekend.