June 20, 2012


The past two weeks spending with my baby sis have been incredibly amazing! I only get to see her about every 4-6 months since she lives in Louisiana, and for being 10 years apart, it is ridiculous how much fun we have.

This girl has been through so much in her 14 years of life already living the first half with our struggling family: my dad losing a company/us going bankrupt at 2yrs old, my parents divorce at 5 yrs old, my dad's cancer and passing at 12, and moving constantly... [Now she is in a great school (3.9 GPA!!!!) and my mom is re married to a wonderful man and they have a gorgeous home in Louisiana]  She is so strong as a person and just has so much faith. I love that she loves Christian contemporary music like me, and she loves going to Church- she is just a shining child of God and it makes me want to be a better Christian just being around her. Even in just the past two weeks, I'd come home from work and be stressed and she thinks I am nuts for taking things too seriously and just tells me to have faith and let it go. Ahh so lucky to have her in my life!!

We have been best friends her whole life but mainly since we shared a room when she was 3 years old, and as a music fiend I used to lock her in my room and JAM OUT to the Eastside Boys, Lil Jon, and I got her rapping to "to the windowwwwws" at 4 yrs old. Yep my mom was proud. It was the CLEAN version, okay!? Hello I was 13! :-)

10 years later, and we still crank the radio to the highest and try our best to rap to Nikki Minaj songs and gangsta music. She is determined to get me to learn all the words to Superbass haha, I just can't it's too fast!

Anyway, back to faith! I was saying yesterday how I had missed Church last Sunday, and I have been itching to be in the house of the Lord and just be thankful! We have so many blessings happening in our little family lately. Scott's dad is doing really well at work and he finally found a place in Austin to live where he is by himself (no crazy roomates) and happy...

Another blessing to be thankful for... Scott has been working his butt off like crazy at Dell for over 2 years, literally being in the top 5 out of 400 sales reps on the floor, and we have gotten the verbal (not written juuust yet-but I just know) confimation of a pretty significant promotion that he has been wanting for so long!! He would be working in Specialized Public Accounts still at Dell, and working 2 days a week from home, and let's just say our last buddy that went into that position said it changed his life: He was able to buy his first home, get engaged, have a wedding, etc.;-) No, we are completely happy and fine where we are at together, I believe God will let us know in our hearts when we are ready to take our next step in our relationship. This promotion in Scott's life right now is just such a huge blessing! We are so excited to see what God has planned in our lives. I'm so happy and proud for my boo. :)

All of this constantly reminds me of how much Faith is just so important. I'm not the best at writing about my faith or how to live by God, sometimes I just get lost in a certain song that describes perfectly what I'm feeling, or verses that stand out to me. I love these little sayings I have found on Pinterest lately...




I am so in love with this verse.


I want to love this way. :-) I love these where you can find the scriptures accordingly.

I'm most thankful that I realize how far we've come. 3 years ago, Scott and I had bad jobs, barely made enough money to live comfortably, didn't have sweet Huxley, we fought more than I'd like to admit, we were irresponsible and made bad decisions that hurt ourselves and each other, and today we are so blessed with not just jobs but great careers, a gorgeous apartment, a cute fur baby, being more involved and a part of the Church,  and being happy above all things.

This song by Kutless has been on my heart lately too as it is the best to listen to when you are in trying times, needing a little push of faith, or just grateful knowing that you AREN'T alone. My fav part of the song describse that with those same hands that were used in creating us and the world, we are lifted and carried by God everyday.

What are you thankful for lately?


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

This is seriously amazing. I can't even begin to have a funny comment like I do after reading this. I am so glad you have that bond with your sister and I hope that Scott gets what he deserves and we can grow together reading our stories.

Jen said...

Oh how much I learned this lately. All those times of struggling and nothing working out the way I wanted, and now that everything is coming together I know God is saying, see.. I had plans for you, you just had to be patient and wait for them to happen in their perfect time. And it really was perfect timing, as hard as that is to admit. HE knows better than ME!

So happy about Scott's promotion, and the great times you got to share with your sister. xoxo

Mallorie Owens said...

You are so sweet, I know your sis had so much fun with you and adores you as a big sis! Congrats on all your blessings! I'm so happy for you all. :)

Alana said...

Aren't little sisters the best? I giggled reading about you two rapping because we do the same thing! Heated Heavy by Krayzie Bone is our JAM.

Ruthie Hart said...

What a wonderful bond the two of you have...what I find beautiful is that even though she is 10 years younger than you, she is such an encouragement. And I will continue to pray that you can love like He taught us how. When I think about love and the way I love others, I am so overcome with gratefulness that the Lord sent His son to be the most perfect example of love. I do love that Kutless song, what a true testament to God's UNFAILING love, forgiveness, guidance. Great things will continue to happen for you and your family if you let Him totally take control! See you tonight girl, Maddie will LOVE the music!

Sandra said...

What a sweet relationship you two have! I was the youngest of 5 so it's nice that my boyfriend has a younger sister. She's 7 yrs younger than me and although sometimes I feel like it's weird that we have so much in common, I am definitely thankful for her. She is often the voice of reason when I find myself over analyzing things.

Brooke Houston said...

This was a really touching post. It's so awesome to see how God is working through peoples stories, like yours. From the looks of it, you and your family have come a long way and it's just proving that things happen for reasons and good things will eventually come. Thank you for sharing!

Amanda said...

Congrats on the big promo! And I'm so glad that your little sister and you had so much fun together :) It's amazing what you two have been through yet still are so strong!

Rachel said...

Aww, it is great that you've been able to spend time with your sister! My little sister is finally living in the same country as I am for the first time in years, and I'm definitely excited and enjoying spending time with her again...