June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Huxley!

Huxley is 1 yrs old!!!!

We picked Huxley up at 10 weeks old from Bastrop, TX
He was the most independent and playful pup out of the bunch
His parents are Champion Breed Showdogs that were in amazing health and shape
He introduced himself to us by nipping at Scottie's toe trying to play with us

We knew he was our boy.

& from that first day, we fell in love.

He is the most well-behaved and fun puppy I've ever known.
He will sit and lay down, still learning to "paw" and "other paw"
He runs in circles when he hears "Huxley, are you huuungry?"
He never barks, whines, yelps, but has the cutest somewhat of a "Slingblade" groan/moan all the time
Huxley has taught us the true meaning unconditional love
He sleeps in our bed every night - and snores as loud as Scott does
He is the king of the "Head Cock" when you talk to him
He destroys Tennis Balls, but takes care of his plush toys
His favorite toy is his tricky treat (dispenses treats as he plays with it)
He loves Peanut Butter All-Natural Doggie treats that mommy makes from scratch
He is like a true "son"/child to us.

We couldn't imagine our lives without this little man.

We are the proudest fur-parents, and love you sooo much, Hux! :-)

For videos, pictures, and posts on our little fur-muffin, click here.


Sandra said...

Aww! Happy Birthday Huxley! Those puppy pics melt my heart!

Ruthie Hart said...

heheh so cute! happy birthday huxley, sorry we can't make your party! I Love that first picture of him, he is a peanut!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

I would kiss him right on the lips! Happy bay Huxley! And big hugs to you both for the weekend!

Celeste said...

Awww happy birthday to little Huxley!!! Aren't they the greatest thing ever??? Gotta love those fur-babies!

Brooke Houston said...

Aw! I love your sweet pup! He is precious!! Happy Birthday to cute Huxley!