November 8, 2011

Do Your Best

Yesterday at work, we had a training going over our quota numbers, eating some good lunch, and discussing goals. One of my colleagues had found this video, and I wanted to share it with y'all! Call me sappy it was nearly a tear jerker for me, but it's so motivational.

"How tough are you?? Are you willing to give it your all?"

Whether if it is related to work, your relationships with others, or goals that you've set for yourself that you just haven't gotten around to acheiving, do your best. I will be the first one to say sometimes life can throw curveballs left and right and it seems like just acheiving the smaller goals is tough enough.  

A goal for me has been to move from sales to more of a management or marketing role, so that a lot of the pressure will be taken off my shoulders, and I can take more classes at school to earn my degree and do what I really want to do, nursing. Many times this has fallen along the waistside as many different things in my life have taken it's place, raising a cute puppy, dealing with apartment stuff, and work in itself!

I need to remember what is truly important to me, how grateful I am to be working for a great company that's practically putting me through school, and staying focused on the big picture, and doing my best to succeed.

What is a goal of yours you've been working towards acheiving??


Donna Knapps said...

I saw that movie. You should see it. It is so good. You are going to do great and I know one day you will be a nurse. God is in control.

Heather said...

What a great clip! THank you for sharing!! You are a great writer! <3