November 18, 2011

Furniture Market Contest

Aren't you so glad it's the weekend after work today!? Woohoo!
I sure am.... also excited to finally be meeting up with my fellow Austinite Ruthie Hart & FUTURE Austinite Mallorie Owens who is driving here today and we'll be getting together tonight!! I will be sure to post all about it!

Now for the post topic:
Furniture Market

I joined this contest last week to win my mama a dining room table. Growing up, she and me along with my other siblings have been through so much. Divorce, financial binds, moving constantly, and just recently last year.. losing my Dad.

She's been a completely wonderful single mother and I just really want to do something to show her how loved she really is.
This is the picture of the Dining Room table she would get:
Isn't it gorgeous!?!
For Austinites....
If you live in Austin, you need to "like" their page. They are the coolest little hole in the wall furniture store with amazing prices on really nice furniture! It's not consignment, it's kind of like an outlet/overstock type of store.
They do FREEBIE's every Friday where you can win something JUST for "liking" them. Seriously... do it. And please don't forget to like my picture!
Here is what you do: (this will take 5 seconds tops)

2. "LIKE" Furniture Market's Page
3. Find my Photo and "LIKE" it
4. Share with your friends so they will "like" it too!
With this contest - 316 people have voted for my mom to win this Dining Room table. We ARE currently in the lead, but an opponent has started cheating and creating fake profiles on FB to gain votes and now is only about 50 spots behind. I would hate to lose because of something like that- but that's where I need y'all's help badly.

You don't even have to be MY friend to "like" my photo - but please do it for my mom! We've come so far in the contest  - there is only
3 days left!

Thanks so much to everyone who has done it so far! I am so grateful!
Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

i liked the pic! hope you win... :)

Erin said...

have so much fun with those awesome ladies!!!

Alana said...

So jealous! I know y'all had a blast!

Ashley @ Luce said...

awwww give mallorie and ruthie a HUGE hug for me!!! why must you live so far?????? ;) lol. love you!

Ashlyn said...

i am STILL so VERY jealous of you girls! hope yall had a blast!!!!