November 15, 2011

Motivation and Mantras

There is no signifance of yesterday as my starting day, but something about yesterday made me wake up and commit to working out. I have a gym membership, I have a dog.... but I never go run or drive up to the gym. I have always made excuses for myself, and the pounds keep adding on... Well, I've decided to put that all behind me and REALLY start doing this.

Last night, my brother and I headed to the gym, did 20 minutes of 1min run/1 min walk... and then worked out chest, shoulders, and arms. Today we plan on doing more running, and doing abs.

I feel like I'm even harder on myself because of my past, being a size 2-3 and weighing 118lbs was when I was at my lowest point on my life which you can read about [here]... All I think about is how easy it used to be to keep so thin but I had done it all the worst way. I'm pretty sure it has wrecked my metabolism because no matter how good I eat, the weight stays the same or adds on.

[Just as a note: I am very happy with myself/who I am, and I understand that I'm not overweight, but I'm over the weight that I'd like to be and also just want to get into a groove of being healthier and running on a regular basis.]

I want to start fresh and acheive this goal of regularly working out and hopefully losing a little weight. With my older brother being in town, I have such great motivation from him. He and I are dedicating Monday through Friday NO EXCEPTIONS to work out for one hour after work.

I really want to stick with this. I am keeping myself on fire and motivated by reading great blog posts like Julie from Peanut Butter Fingers's post about Excersize Mantras which you can read [here]. -- If you ever need motivation to hit the gym you seriously have to read that post!

My favorite Excersize Mantra is:
"I have never regretted a workout."  &
"I am one workout away from a great mood"

I know it may sound silly to those who run all the time or work out and take classes every week.... I just want to get to where you are! I want to live a very healthy lifestyle, and by committing to this running and weight training, I can hopefully not just shed a few pounds, but build muscle and endurance and look healthier as well.

So if you have any story or encouragement of something that REALLY helped you keep on movin'... I would love to hear it!


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Leah from Sweet and Sour Showers said...

Good luck, girl! Once you get in a routine it will be easy to keep it up. :)

Heather said...

I totally needed to read this! I've been so lazy/unmotivated lately! You are inspiring me!! You go, girl!! And you are SO gorgeous!

Ruthie Hart said...

awesome Amanda!! Good for you!! You should definitely try out classes at the gym...I dread doing cardio but doing zumba or kickboxing is SO.MUCH.FUN! Also, you should try out yoga!

Liz Taylor said...

You can do this honey, I have total faith in you and I am your biggest cheerleader! When lifting weights, only do two muscle groups a day, and make sure they are opposing motions (like a push group and a pull group). Do 3 different exercises per muscle group and do 3 sets of 15 reps each. (Tricep and back one day, chest and biceps the other, and legs and shoulders). Do not be afraid to up the weight either - that will help with toning and the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn at rest. We as women do not have the testosterone in our body to get a lot bigger so do not worry about that when lifting. Keep up the intensity with the cardio as well and 5-6 smalls a day! OK GIRL I'm done! XOXO

Nikki said...

Girl of I can do it so can you! Check out my before and after!

Ashley @ LaLuce said...

OMG! you and i are for real sistas! i just wrote about this and was going to post tomorrow among other things with my health that i've realizing. you're gona laugh when you read it. BUT like even the weight and numbers and thoughts towards it. EXACLTY ALIKE. i was super skinny when i wasn't healthy on the inside but now i feel unhealthy on the outside. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL AMANDA... we'll get motivated and healthy together!!! LOVE YOU.

Delaney said...

Heartbreak has inspired me haha but the weight loss has just been an added benefit. I run because it clears my head... I used to hate running but now it is my escape. Sometimes I wish I had more stamina because I would want to run for hours :) haha i pray, i talk to God, i think about my life, i rock out to my music. It is my me time... Which is why I love running outside, no matter how hot or cold it is!

Angel said...

So great! I've taught fitness classes for ten years and right now I'm struggling so much with having no motivation whatsoever. It's good for me to read how motivated you are right now. I take it one day at a time when I feel like working out and when I don't feel like it. I hope you continue to feel better and better!