November 11, 2011


I feel like I've been using this word a lot lately. So much going on. I am in the process of trying to get my transfer going at my apartments, work quotas went up higher, I'm jumping on a potential job opportunity within my department, raising a pup, trying to spend QT with the boyfriend, and all while being little miss suzie homemaker at home.

Ever since I got back from my vacation swamped has been my middle name. It's been really stressful and I've had a few bad days where I've just felt down and out, but I know things will level out it's just a hectic time of year. I had to take a small break from the bloggin' world to try and focus on some things I need to be taking care of.

me in a nutshell. lol. source

I have still been taking some time to catch up on my favorite blogs which you can find your gorgeous selves on the right hand side of my page with your buttons! It really makes my day to step back and read about all the amazing things going on in your lives, it really does! :-)

So I apologize for not having been consistantly writing - things have just been nuts. On another note though --

I want to do something for my mom. Her birthday just passed and Christmas is coming up and this absolutely FUN and easy opportunity caught my eye! Please read on!

If you are a part of facebook -

I entered a contest. It's a picture of me in my dining room and if you "like" my picture - I win by votes and my mom will receive an absolutely stunning $800 formal dining room table from Furniture Market. I am so excited to be in the contest and would really appreciate ALL of your support!!!! Click link below it'll only take a few seconds!

Here is the link: VOTE FOR ME!!

LIKE away!!!! Send to all your friends! :) Help a sista out! Love you guys. I am hoping to take care of a lot of business over the weekend so I can jump back into my groove on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend!!

Happy Veterans Day - Thank you to all of our Veterans and those who are currently serving. Our love and appreciation will never be enough.

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