July 22, 2011


Here is my week through Instagrams! 
Well - Picnik style ;-)

FYI- no not engaged! It's a love knot ring from my sweet man given a little over a year ago  :-)
Got my nails and toes done over at Pro Nail on Saturday, it was fun but I felt like the whole time I kept getting upgraded! By the time I left I was spending 55 dollars! It reminds me of this hilarious video of Anjelah Johnson on comedy central who talks about getting her nails done. So funny... definitely a must watch!

Enjoyed some Amy's Ice cream on Tuesday who sponsored a vendor lunch and learn at my work the other day. Belgian Chocolate? YES PLEASE!

Wednesday I was having a craving for meatball subs ALL day, so when I got home I knew what was for dinner! I'll post the recipe later this evening, but look at this bad boy. It was SO good!

Made some Dippy Egg Mcmuffins the morning of my interview yesterday/Thursday - which went amazing and is the reason I've kind of been in and out with blogging this past week I was preparing :-) Cross your fingers and toes!

sooooooooo good!!
It has been a super busy week at work getting things ready and Scott has been working late all week, so all week we've been watching TV shows, and last night we watched High Rollers, which was a good movie all the way up until the end - it's like one of those movies that has no ending. Like nothing important happens, no cliff hanger, nothing! Just credits.... weird.

Last night we weren't super hungry, and I had this craving for pizza, so I made us little appetizers, one English muffin pizza, and little whole grain wheat reduced-fat triscuits topped with laughing cow garlic and herb cheese and a little pepperoni slice on top. Laughing cow cheese and triscuits are SO good together if you haven't had it before: they cheese wedges are only 30 calories and add the perfect flavor to a wheat cracker or triscuits. It was a very light but so yummy. I am addicted to in love with English muffins.

dangerously cheesy 
This week I've also become addicted to making my own Iced Coffee. I grabbed the quick and easy recipe from Courtney over at Sweet Tooth Sweet Life, and the only change I made is I iced it up in my blender so it gets colder-faster. :-) Delicious!!!

Well it's my day off and I plan on working out, relaxing around the house, maybe running a few tiny errands, and possssibly a little shopping since today is also payday. :-) Ahhh yeahhhhhh!  

Today I'm linking up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged. Check her blog out and see what others are writing about for their InstaFriday! Have a great weekend!

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Grace said...

thanks for stopping by! :) your nails look gorgeous and that meatball sub looks delish!
and i LOVE that clip...hilarious and SO true!

ruthiehart said...

omg I totally thought you got engaged!!! Nails look great though! I got mine done for my wedding and then before that probably 1-2 times lol! I will have to try those pizzas on english muffins! yum!

Courtney and Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by.

I am with you...I can never get out of the nail place without spending lots of $$. Have a great weekend!



Tara said...

I've never seen a love knot ring before, but it is beautiful!
Thanks for stopping by :)