July 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was so fun! Scottie and I had the first Sunday off in a long time, and we had an eventful one! We woke up bright and early and got to workin'... well - I honestly didn't do that much cause it was super grimy and messy and me being the smart girl I am wore a nice white shirt. lol, I did help with some tools and runnin up and down the stairs for items.

It was really cool learning how to fix brakes, rotors, and callipers on a truck! There were some pretty stressful moments where one thing would go wrong after another, but in 4 hours, 3 trips to Auto Zone,  and $200 bucks later, we were complete! Yay for no squeaks and anchors!

In return for all my hard work and labor :P Just kidding, we went to Sam's Boat to enjoy loads of crawfish and a few beers and invited our friend Chris who is the whole reason Scottie got to get everything done for $200 bucks instead of $800 that the mechanic shops were charging us! We are so thankful to have great friends! I unfortunately didn't get any pictures from Sam's Boat, but here's a picture of me taking a silly car shot on the way! Enjoy :)

Monday was back to work week... I was still in the mood for seafood so last night we had Lemon Pepper Salmon. SO DELISH. I am kind of dissapointed I told the lady behind the counter for enough salmon for two, I should have said for me and my always hungry boyfriend, because we didn't have enough to fill us both up. I made some lemon pepper chicken breasts to go with Scottie's entree and decided to call it a "Mixed Grill" :) Hehe.

Lemon Pepper Salmon

1lb Salmon (we only had about 3/4 lb so 1 lb is what I recommend)
1 lemon
1 tablespoon lemon pepper seasoning
1 tablespoon of basil garlic seasoning (this added a great kick to it!)

Heat oven to 450 degrees. Take the thawed salmon and place on foil on a baking sheet (the juices will stay in the foil and make the salmon 10x juicier!) I first cut a lemon in half, and used one half to juice up the salmon and then added and rubbed on the seasonings. While the oven was pre-heating I let it marinate a bit. I also started cooking the chicken on the skillet 6 minutes each side after marinating also in some lemon pepper seasoning. When the oven was pre-heated, I placed the salmon in the oven and baked for 10 minutes per inch, and I guestimated this to about 1.5 inch, so it was about 15 minutes before it was ready. I had some leftover blackbeans and broccoli, so heated the black beans, and placed the broccolli in the oven underneath the salmon for the 15 minutes as well to roast them a bit with some salt and pepper. Also for my last side, I had some scampi flavored fettucini noodles in the pantry, so I threw those in too (takes about 7 minutes to cook), and rounded out my meal!

Once finished, I made our plates and we sat down to watch some movies!

We were in Salmon Heaven :) Yummm!
To the D, to the E, to the L-I-C-I-O-U-S!
By the way, if you're wondering what is in the rammekin in the picture, it's that Rasberry Chipotle Sauce I talked about in my blog the other day which you can read here! I am TELLING you... this sauce tastes good on ANYTHING it is so perfectly filled with sweetness and spice - the perfect blend. TRY IT if you haven't yet!

We had some movies we rented from blockbuster that we enjoyed while eating. We rented Seven Pounds with Will Smith and also District 9. I honestly thought both movies were very enjoyable. District 9 was pretty crazy and was a pretty suspensful action-sci fi-movie that I really liked! Seven Pounds was a definite win. It was a lot of guessing of what was going on through out the movie, but it definitely kept me at the edge of my seat, and by the end, I had tears in my eyes and was so wrapped up in it - I would totally see it again. And maybe again. :) I even had a girlfriend borrow it today to enjoy it as well! I would do thorough reviews - but I'll just say - both of these are worth seeing IF you haven't already, they are a little older.

Tonight we are enjoying some pulled pork tacos, and are catching up on some relaxation time. I will post the recipe for the pulled pork tacos tomorrow!

I also just wanted to give some love to my man, who spent most his day off yesterday completely gutting our home, doing laundry, getting a bed frame (finally!) on our bed, and doing so much housework (and dishes!!!)! I am so grateful to have such a caring, sweet, fun guy who cares so much about me - just like I do for him. He's so amazing!! :-)  XOX

Just had to get that out :) Enjoy your night! Thanks for reading!

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Scott said...

The Salmon and the pork tacos were so damn good! The pics just dont do the food justice. I swear you are such a good cook, that's rare for a 23 year old these days. Imagine how good you will be like 10 years from now... MMMMMMMMM