July 29, 2011


Here's some of my week through "Instagrams" aka Picnik editing.. 
:-) hehe
Myself, Jen, Eric, Ashly, CBerry, and Geoff
One of my really good friends, Jen, moved away to Dallas to be with the love of her life last weekend, so we had fun and said our good-bye's... thank goodness she's only three hours away! Work is going to be so lonely without her! :-(

one of our many battles in madden... as you can tell - HE just tackled me. grr!
Our crazy little house party we had last weekend... I'm pretty sure I'm still recovering. lol

Tuesday we had a crazy delicious BBQ lunch and learn hosted by Logitech (Thank youuuu!) I don't even know where it is from but you best believe I cleared my ENTIRE plate in under 5 minutes. SO GOOD.

This picture of an empty container that once was the home of Chuy's famous Creamy Jalapeno Ranch - proves that Scott and I are highly addicted to this sauce. My sales team used a lot of our last team builder funds and bought a crazy amount of fajitas, chips, and enchiladas for lunch on Wednesday! You can see a recap of our last team builder here.  Anyway, I brought some home and it was gone in two days? Hehe

This is me on Wednesday night, making Scott's dad a huge banquet size meal of Chicken, Bacon, and Ranch Mac n Cheese, which I posted the recipe for here. It was SO delicious that I had to sneak a few lot of bites! I was just taste testing! ;-)

I took a random vaca day Thursday to relax and rejuvenate since it's been hectic at work lately, and everything that happened Tuesday

Scott woke up early with a migraine, and so we relaxed, blinds closed, the entire day watching a ridiculous number of episodes of House, and it. was. amazing.

I also made our entire place smell like basil (sooo good) as a whipped up a homemade Margherita Pizza using Boboli's thin Pizza Crust which I first used last week! I'll post the recipe tomorrow! :-)

Today I'm spending my day off #2 being productive, payin' bills, cleaning, trip to the grocery store later, and gettin' ready for a new quarter at work which starts tomorrow! I finally have a normal schedule of 9-6, no more night shifts yay! :-) 

I'm linking up with Jeannett from Life Rearranged, so be sure to check out everyone else's week in pics through InstaFriday!!

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