July 8, 2011

Working on Goals

These past few days have been pretty busy, so last night we took a breather from the computers and Madden games, and just watched a movie and went to bed early. Career wise, we're both working on goals for the near future to move up, so we've been working twice as hard for a while now. 

As some of you know, Scott got promoted and is now helping launch the very first ever Dell Experience Center, which is a new kiosk (after a few months they will possibly push to a store) that just opened in the Barton Creek Mall in Austin, TX. It has been a work in progress getting things up and running, but it's turning into quite a success. It's a four month launch as they get things set up... and if all goes well - Scott could start traveling and opening retail stores for Dell around the country. It's a huge recognition and I couldn't be more proud of him!

As for me, I've been working with a group of my coworkers and launching Dell Certified Twitter pages.. which you find find mine here (follow me!!). It'll be a few more weeks to fully have the page up and running, but it's so exciting to take a step into the social media world at Dell. I'm also working hard to hopefully be getting a promotion within the next month into a new role. So it's easy to say we've been working our butts off and are staying busy! :-)

For the past two mornings, we've been on-the-go... so that was the perfect excuse to enjoy one of my favorite breakfasts of all, smoothie bowls!

Smoothie Bowl

We always use protein powder as the base for our smoothie, and as you can tell I gladly choose chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate for breakfast? As you can see in the picture, I also like to put Almond milk into my smoothies, it makes it 10x creamier and delicious! Here are my ingredients for this yummy Chocolate Banana Smoothie.


1 scoop chocolate protein powder (we use whey powder from the brand Body Fortress)
1 handful ice

1 cup frozen banana slices
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 1/2 cup of vanilla almond milk

1 pinch of Xanthan Gum (for thickening)

Usually I always put a handful of spinach (you seriously can't taste it, but it gives you a great healthy kick to your smoothie!)

These smoothies are great for when your on the go, because it's easy clean up - takes two seconds to make - and it keeps you full until lunch time. These also really great for post-workouts.

Nothing like chocolate for breakfast :-)
For lunch, our work (at least once a week) hosts Lunch and Learns, where we learn about different vendors and products, and then they give us free lunches. (I believe that is the reason for the myth that everyone gains the "Dell 15" while they work here.. lol!) From pluckers, to smokey mo's, to chuy's, whole foods, and Newks... these lunches are sooooo worth the learn!

Yesterday we had a L&L from Newks!

Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich
Holy cow this sandwich was amazing. Newk's sandwiches are always the most fresh, full of meat and veggies, and usually they also serve sweet pecan chicken salads with balsamic vinaigrette dressings on the side. Is your mouth watering yet??

Wait til you see what I made for dinner last night! I know I'm shoving three different meals into this one post, but I had a lot of catching up to do! :)

One of my favorite meals to make that takes less than 30 minutes for sure is

Pork Chops!

When I got home from work, I took em out, thawed them in the microwave, and put some of my favorite seasoning on them. I use a Spicy Montreal Steak seasoning when I'm skillet cooking steak, chicken, or pork. It is the perfect spiceyness and no salt added.

Welp, since I managed to leave out the chops in this pic, here is another below ;)

For the type of pork - I usually get the butterfly boneless pork chops, but HEB had a sale on the Boneless Sirloin Pork Chops, so I picked up a pack of those to try em out... I was so glad I did! It wasn't too thick but it was still so juicy! I heat the skillet to medium heat and cooked each pork chop for 7 minutes each side.

sizzle sizzle
I had a lot of leftover roasted cauliflower, so I popped those in the oven on broil for a few minutes to add some veggies to my meal. Even if it's not the healthiest side, we also keep mash potatoes on hand to make when we eat pork chops - you know it's the best side to go with them! I made some Jalapeno Cheddar mashed potatoes to go along with this entree. Not from scratch, I had these in my pantry from HEB in a box. :( One day, I will make my own mash potatoes. lol I actually want to find a side that is healthier but that would go great with Pork Chops, any ideas besides veggies??

YUM! If you're wondering what is in that rammekin, it is my absolute favorite topping to pork chops, salmon, and chicken. RASBERRY CHIPOTLE SAUCE. Mmmm Mmmm! Our best friends Justin and Ashley introduced us to this divine sauce, and so I have to share it with you. You will at least see another post about Salmon or Chicken made with this sauce, and it is to die for!! If you've never tried it, go to the store, and pick some up today!

As you can see I've pretty much devoured the whole bottle in the past month. You have to try it!!

Well, today is finally my day off (!!!) and I have a billion errands to run! I'm actually first going to finally cancel my gym membership ( I have TWO believe it or not...eek!) and then it's time for a grocery run, and later I am meeting up with my girl friend Ashley today to catch up (haven't seen her in weeks!) - she just found out she's pregnant and I cannot wait to begin spoiling the baby with all the cutest clothes and toys! :-) Have a great day!! Thanks for reading :)

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